WOC day 13.

As per winds of change tradition. It was an extremely early start for us all. 5 of us set off around 5am in the morning and headed towards Faisalabad. This long journey was made easy by the brotherhood and banter that has been developed and established amongst YC. I think this type of brotherhood is essential for an Islamic organisation to work on a long term basis.

[wpvideo KM1iBEcB ]

Br Zia had 4 events back to back Subhan’Allah.

These were:

The best tafasir suggestions at the ICF.

Effective parenting at Al Huda school

21 teaching techniques at the Hive school.

And then the main event for Faisalabad:

The Lost workshop at the Crystal banqueting Hall.

Here the crowd that attended were very enthusiastic throughout the work shop. Masha’Allah.

[wpvideo 8r6PoJMm ]

After the event, a brother from the U.K. kindly booked our stay at the classy Chenab Club. This was much needed for us all to relax, rewind and get ready for the rest of WOC2019. We thank the bro who sponsored this and of course all the amazing brothers and sisters who have supported us in various ways, there reward is with Allah swt.

We also had a very productive meeting with the local Young Bros eager to work with YC in the Faisalabad region. Hoping for amazing things in the near future from the young team Insha’Allah!


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  1. Masha Allah.
    I liked it (This long journey was made easy by the brotherhood).
    Being with happy cheerful people in doing things for the sake of Allah is beautiful even we do not feel boredom with their company.

  2. SubhanAllah I am always amazed by the enthusiasm of brother Zia

    His commitment to his purpose may Allah reward everyone who is working for Allah’s sake and grant us taufeeq to do the same … Ameen

    JazakAllah khair brother for sharing these things they are very inspiring Alhamdulillah

  3. Masha’Allah very well done, you are right that brotherhood is essential for organisation to work on a long term basis.

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