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A dialogue between a Muslim & an Atheist

This small dialogue shows that atheism is irrational & they need to think deeply before challenging theists/ Muslims!

A dialogue between a Muslim & an Atheist

Atheist: “There is no evidence for the existence of God. Belief in God is irrational.”

Muslim: “That’s an interesting assertion. Before we continue, can I ask you, do you believe that you have rational faculties? In other words, do you believe you can reason?”

Atheist: “Obviously. Any rational person would deny God. There’s

simply no evidence.”

Muslim: “Okay, great. So can I ask, how do you explain your rational faculties under atheism?”

Atheist: “What do you mean?”

Muslim: “Well, do you believe all phenomena can be explained via physical stuff? And do you believe that there is no supernatural?”

Atheist: “Sure.”

Muslim: “Physical stuff is just blind and non-rational. So how can rationality come from non-rationality? How can anything arise from something that does not contain it or have the potential to give rise to it? How can we form mental insights based on blind physical processes? In this light, how can you explain your ability to reason?”

Atheist: “Well, we have a brain that has evolved.”

Muslim: “Okay, and according to atheism an evolved brain is based on physical stuff too, no?”

Atheist: “Yes, but our brains have evolved to be rational, because the more you know about the world the more likely you are to survive.”

Muslim: “That’s not true; holding non-rational beliefs about the world can lead to survival too.”

Atheist: “So what? We both assume reason to be true, so it’s not an issue.”

Muslim: “Well, for me it isn’t. But under atheism your ability to reason does not make sense. Atheism has invalidated the very assumption that it claims to use to deny God. So it is absurd to be an atheist since atheism nullifies reason itself.”

Atheist: “No, you have to prove God to me first.”

Muslim: “That’s a cop-out, because your use of the word ‘proof’ assumes your ability to reason. However, you are not justified in making such an assumption because rationality is nullified under atheism. Rationality cannot come from non-rationality. From this perspective, atheism is irrational. However, rationality can come from rationality. This is why Islamic theism explains best why we can use our reason, as it came from the Creator Who is All-Seeing, The-Knowing and The- Wise.”

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