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A New DM Chapter Ft. Perth, Australia

I am Noureen Razzaq and this is my story:

Living in Perth, Western Australia, being a Pakistani, I took an initiative towards Dawah. I used to follow Youth Club Pakistan for years, and through that, I got in touch with Br. Nadeem Ashraf. I started attending his Dawah Training Sessions. The first session I attended was “Effective Dawah to Muslim Youth.” I got many ideas from there.
From Br. Nadeem, I got a lot of motivation to get involved in one-to-one dawah.

One to one meet ups and gatherings are always a best way to interact with people to call them towards Tawheed and having a feast is a Prophetic Legacy. Keeping this in our mind, I and my friend, Sister Salwa Chaudhry, planned to organize a sisters gathering. Here’s how we pulled it off:

The whole idea of the event planning was a consequence of Zoom meetings & WhatsApp calls. One of the MAIN reasons, that led me towards successful planning of the event, was #networking

I got assistance from DM Core Team for getting an outstanding invitation card designed. Everyone, who received the cards, loved it.

December 2, 2020: DM Australia Event Poster

The event was organized by my friend Salwa Chaudhry at her place, and she arranged it sooo well …

Glimpse of DM Australia event venue: Entrance
Glimpse of DM Australia event venue: Entrance

We started with 2 games:
1. Pick a chit (We played nasheed while playing this game, it was like ‘passing a basket’ game)
2. Then we had a ‘Rapid Fire’ Q/A

Then I deliverd approx. 15min talk on “Purpose of life” … based on one ayah from the Quran: Surah Zaariyaat Ayah # 56

DM Australia: Games/Reminders


DM Australia: Refreshment Table Setup
DM Australia: Refreshment Table Setup
DM Australia: Refreshment Table Setup

Sisters started asking questions regarding few issues after the talk. It was a heart to heart discussion with them.

DM Australia: Center Table Set up for Games/Activities/Reminders

A few sisters were offering their place for arranging such gathering.
I also told them about DM & Br. Nadeem, the concept behind these gatherings and future goals.
I asked their feedback about the activities, they said they liked it.


DM Australia: Gift for Sisters/Guests
DM Australia: Gift for Sisters/Guests

The thought behind this gathering was to make it extra special. We put so much efforts in organizing birthdays and parties.
A gathering of zikr is a gathering of Angels, so why not put extra effort for something which will help us gain rewards and is fun at the same time.
May Allah put barakah in our efforts and accept from us. Ameen

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  1. Masha Allah well done sister Naureen. May Allah give lots of Barakah and looking forward for more such events from you❤

  2. Maa Shaa Allah it looks just perfect…..May Allah put more and more barakah in it❤ and accept this from you ukhtis.

  3. This is so inspiring and cool Ma sha Allah 🤩🤩🤩
    Gathering for a beautiful purpose with amazing food & decoration👌👌
    Everyone must follow this!

  4. How beautiful is this. We put so much effort in organizing birthday parties etc, then why not for such events. This is an amazing approach MashaAllah! May Allah reward you sisters immensely.

  5. HOW BEAUTIFUL. I got so many ideas😍
    I will follow for our upcoming event In shaa Allah.
    May Allah accept. Ameen.

  6. Mashallah it looks so amazing and inspiring. The way arrangement were done looks so diciplined and well planned.May Allah help the DM AUSTRALIA to reach to more people .

  7. MashaAlla. We put so much effort in organizing birthday parties etc, then why not for such events. Very good attempt.May Allah reward yo.

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