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A Tip for Sisters – Cafe Dawah II

A tip for sisters. Cafe da’wah revisited.

As most of you know. I’m a simple guy with a simple outlook on things. So this idea as aways as we do at DM, simple.

Right then, to proceed. I have admittedly been a great proponent of the street da’wah tool for da’wah. Yes there are many forms of da’wah, but I am very preferential towards this style for numerous reasons.

What can be done or given a go is the following.

If a sister or a bunch of sisters are extremely keen on engaging in street da’wah in its purest form. What they need to do is identify any teams in their city own town, usually its an all brother teams. Then find out what days and times they have their stall. Now, many street da’wah teams choose the busiest part of the city & that’s usually the high street or city centre. All city centres have cafes and most DAWAH stalls are in the vicinity of a cafe or two.

All that the sister (S) need to do is establish contact with the brothers who are regulars and request that if we sisters sit in that cafe between the hours of however long you guys are out here, could you direct any females who would be willing to

Have a chat with us? We will sit in that cafe for 2/3 hours. This could be a good experience for any Non Muslim women, esp those that have always wanted to engage with a Hijabi or Niqabi sister.

The added advantage is that some brothers find it uncomfortable to speak to women and so possibly save themselves from a lot of fitnah.

If no women come to the stall, no issues, the sisters will

Be rewarded for their intention and get to have a lots of different coffees and catch up with one another. This is also a great time to make game plans and da’wah strategies.

The brothers engage in street da’wah outdoors, the sisters wait inside the cafe and wait for any potential non Muslims or Muslim youth who are looking for the truth and for guidance.

So it’s simple and easy. These are the steps:

  1. Find out any da’wah stall teams in your city.
  2. Through networking, establish contact with them. ( DM has worldwide contacts so message us too!)
  3. Grab 2/3 sisters & take them to the cafe.
  4. Ask / request if they can direct women to the cafe where the sisters will be sitting.
  5. Order your coffee and cupcakes, sip away, converse away and await with sabr!

It may work or it may not, be it’s all in the effort of trying and then seeing what doors Allah swt will opens for you.

Again this is ideal for you those in cities around the world where a DAWAH team already exists. But if for many of you there isn’t a team, let this blog remind you again that, cafes are an ideal place to engage in da’wah. Either approach and sit with random females or take a non practising person to a cafe and chat. A coffee and cake always gets the attention of anyone! Or speak amongst yourselves so loudly, that maybe someone on the other table is curious about your topic of discussion. Maybe they’ve heard you discussing the design argument? Or why a creator can’t be part of creation? Or maybe how our hearts become or die and they need purifying, how can one do that. And so on.

An example from the best of generations. Some motivation for us to try different things.

Imam Tibrani has written about Abu Hurairah:

He went through a bazar, stopped there and said:

‘O people of marketplace, How lazy are you.’

They replied, “What are you referring to, O Abu Hurairah?”

He said, “There is the inheritance of the prophet being distributed and you here? Will you not go there and take your share of the inheritance?”

What do you think? Do leave comments below & any questions you have too!

Nadeem Ashraf

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  1. Amazing..
    This new blog with a new website is so wonderful.
    These tips are so useful Alhamdullillah! Have used few of them here and there..
    Looking forward to all the future posts..
    Jazakallah khairan..
    May Allah accept..

  2. Salam
    The relaunch is amazing
    The blog is motivating, and I am so happy Mash’ALLAH
    Jazkum Allah khyran for all this amazing efforts

    1. Appreciated. The blog does say it wont be possible at all situations. Also the blog says that IF bros stop a female and she is interested, then they will send her in the cafe. Also, this has to be taught via training.

  3. Masha Allah again a wonderful tip sisters who are struggling with team building or have other issues can definitely try this tip.

  4. Assalamu alaikum
    The relaunch is mindblowing & this blog is very motivating.
    Amazing tips👌🏻 Jzk khyr Brother Nadeem.
    May Allah accept.

    1. Great blog! Just wondering if it can be applicable in an anti-Muslim country like India. Plus it’s really hard to converse with strangers here.

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