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Karachi, Pakistan is a vibrant city. It has a mix of many people, including those who are fully immersed in practising Islam and also those that are away or far from Islam. If we look at the side of those that are already “practising” then Karachi is rife full of courses, Dora e Quran, classes. These variations of sessions are either teaching tafsir, Ahadith or just general Islamic knowledge. This is great, Masha’Allah. The only issue here is. What about the million odd young women of this city who are confused about life? Engaging in Sins, no connection with their creator, addicted to fashion and materialism and the many that may have doubts about Islam and Allah? What is being catered for them? What events or effective campaigns are being undertook for them to inspire them to change their lives, submit to the creator and then attend all these courses? Well sadly, not much. Especially hardly any or none that are creative, effective, well planned and relatable. So to that attend this small team of sisters got together and used common sense. This common sense led them to plan an exciting online event for the girls that badly need inspîràtion! Through effective marketing and one to one invites, they pulled off something remarkable! A world event, masha’Allah. One of the most active members of DM sister Aisha Will now tell us how the event went. ————————————————————-📍The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles!
In our case the obstacle is the lockdown and Dawah is our goal! As the goal is bigger in comparison with the obstacle so we decided to get over the hurdle through an exclusive virtual event and meet our goal. The theme was makeup and fashion trends as per the interest of the audience. We invited two guests; one was a makeup artist, and the other was a designer. They shared tips while the audience (of 35 people) asked questions and put their perspectives as well. It was quite an interactive session, people were very energetic and enthusiastic. In the end a powerful, thought provoking reminder over the last 5-7 minutes was shared.
We kept it simple and informal, customised invitation cards were made to catch people’s attention and to make them feel special.

The poster to entice those who otherwise would never come to events such as these. #dawahMarketing


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