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Advice to my younger brother ( and the rest of Crawley)

Advice to my dear younger brother

(And to Crawley boys in general!)




CRAWLEY LIFE can be broken down to the following especially for the Muslim Youth:






imaan .It’s a process , which goes up and down.

It’s a fact of life that some days your enthusiasm for the deen will increase and other times decrease. The main thing to counter shaytan is to continue The good work. If you still get together on a Saturday and watch a video lecture then continue. Vary it up. Different speakers, different topics, humorous, serious. Diff food, different senior brothers, Sometimes it will be like a boring chore but it’s one ‘ of those things you have to do’!!!


Tears …

Hearing about the akhirah..

Listen to and think about and read about akhirah. When listening to reports about the punishment of the grave , let the words impact your heart, let it move you! Let go of the false ‘manly’ pride and let the tears :


The Prophet (saw) said: “If, through fear of (displeasing) God, tears – even the size of a fly’s

head – fall from any believer’s eyes and drop on some part of his cheek, he will be kept away from Hell by God.”


Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 1433


. Many young guys in Crawley and beyond have got this image to protect -syndrome. That you have to act tough etc and crying is for the wimps! Not at all. Islam has a very deep emotional side, so embrace it bro!



Fajr prayers , and all the other prayers. Make it a good habit. Sit around for a few minutes after the jamaah.


Get senior brothers involved even if they busy, work dunya etc


There are a few strong brothers still left in Crawley! Although very few. You have Ammar, the daii. Raheed the Old intellectual, Saleem the old original dawah stall guy. Magoo the energetic loud bro, Mubasher , Ismael , Yousaf. Imran Yaqub and a few other .Yes they are all busy with work and families but you gotta annoy them ! Ask them questions, ask their help, get them involved


Dawah ,

dawah stall. If you don’t give dawah you get dawah !!or in other words if you don’t talk about Islam ,Non islam will come to you! The little bits of knowledge you gain from discussions and lectured, you need to spread that to others so they could benefit and the knowledge stays in your mind!


Summer camps. Register now. There are plenty , few day ones and 1 week ones. Get away from the dead end life of Crawley and meet other young enterprising Muslims!


Pak visit/ umra.

Get away from The UK. Plan an umra with a group of guys , best holiday ever !


Specific speakers/ topics


. I know what makes Crawley boys tick. It’s either footy or cricket. It’s only watching movies ,it socialising on the net. It’s going down to the town centre on the weekend. Its texting mates or driving around to broadfield to Langley green and back! This is enjoyment for them. I was one of those, typical Crawley lad, small town guy with small town mentality! But there was a time when a few young individuals about 15 years ago illuminated the town of Crawley with a dynamic movement. There was a buzz. But for a few different reasons that died. But that’s the nature of revival, it has ups and downs . Revival is from the lord of the worlds and HE wants other souls to stand up for Islam! Why don’t you and your Crew carry on?

That beautiful legacy?

Why don’t you become heroes?

Why don’t you and your crew become the talk of the Angels in the heavens?!

Try it… You’ll never regret it. Wake up from the declining slumber. Wake up oh Youth of Crawley. Be part of the global change!



You need to study either through books or audio or sit with a student if knowledge or z scholar and thrash out Aqeedah ! There are many points that you need to have firm conviction in. If you don’t your whole deen and your life will be on a weak standing . So study it thoroughly. Lay the foundations of the powerful Islamic belief. You will literally feel your brain increase with this powerful knowledge and and your heart will be content. You will be able to convince anyone, Muslim or non Muslim about the powerful thought of ISLAM. Do you want this power? Do you really? If so, prove it, go study!!

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  1. Always get some beautiful points from your blogs Ma sha Allah
    We should always keep up with da’wah in one way or the other and keep practicing small deeds that keep our heart attached to deen.

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