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An emotional trip to Wales

Wow…phew! What an incredible little Dawah mission Cardiff! It evoked within me all kinds of emotions & thoughts..!
So yesterday I had the immense privilege of accompanying arguably 2 of the best duaat in the UK. Br Imran Hussein & the legend Hamza T. A beautiful road journey into the naturally beautiful landscape of Wales. Including the crossing over of the river Severn.
The lecture by Hamza as is standard was an outstanding masterclass in public Speaking and delivering what could be argued as dry academia. He powerfully explained the unique genre of the Quran, its inimitability basing his arguments upon testimony & inference. Though I have studied this topic before. It was brilliant revision for me personally & i loved his usage of the new slides design.
The audience sat patiently for nearly 2 hours. Some took notes & I believe there were one or two non Muslims too who I think would definitely have been inspired by the dynamic content. They applauded at the end of the lecture indicating that it was indeed an inspiring lecture.

For me, the dinner afterwards & interacting with members of the isoc afterwards was a real eye opener. It made me miss the high standards of the brotherhood & hard work of my beloved bros from Pakistan. I spoke with pride & nostalgia when discussing how we operate in Pakistan. I, as is my usual
Habit asked about how will they go forward? How are they involved in Dawah, seeking knowledge and improving their ibadah? the reply wasn’t that positive & they admitted a lot of training is needed.
Reflecting upon these conversations made me emotional that how YC was making huge in roads in the Dawah and that British youth at Unis, seemingly seem far far behind.
The energy is lacking as too is the will and vision to change the world. It seems Allah SWT has plans for me to help in the Dawah in Britain. There’s so much work to do! SubhanAllah.
Let’s hope that Allah SWT allows me to earn his pleasure and work hard. Keep me positive & most importantly accept our meagre efforts.

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