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Busy stall at the Crawley Dawah stall!

Great few hours of Dawah at the crawley Dawah stall.

An American family on transit because of Gatwick Airport, a born again Christian builder and a A very passionate Polish Christian with doubts about life and his religion called peter.

He brought up all sorts of questions. He would ask things like:

“Why do Christians and Muslims fight with each other and hate each other? “

And then something about all “history is a lie”, people obsessed with money and then who made God etc

He was very passionate and the issue with him he didn’t listen properly and always wanted to bring his point or in actuality wanted to just rant about the world!

In this case I had to at first listen to him carefully but after a while I had to raise my voice a little bit so to get his attention. It worked, I had to say “Peter, keep quite for a few moments and listen up!” And it worked he agreed!

I merely espoused to him that the following is the concept of God in Islam, I told him to hear me out and let’s see what that does to your heart! And so discussed Allah SWT nature, his mercy etc

I also quickly discussed how Islamic history or the way we verify anything in Islam is superior to all others because of the isnaad and so on! In order to answer his question about history and what to believe or not.

He took away the words of mercy booklet. We shook hands and he agreed to chat to us again in town but right now has to hurry!

There are a few points of reflection about today’s experience at the stall.

1- People involved in Dawah need to get used to, enjoy and love REPETITION. Concepts such as “Allah swt is one and he deserves worship “ needs to be repeated for months and years of your life span in the Dawah. The Dawah is repetition, do not be demotivated by this.

2- Sometimes we can just set up the Dawah table and let people come to the table such as like today. Usually we are always approaching people to give out free materials or start a conversation but today we took the passive approach & it worked very well! So different styles and approaches to the table.

3- In a conversation, the default principle is to always listen. Active listening skills are essential, but sometimes, depending on the situation, raising the voice a little

Bit or talking a bit more animatedly may get their attention.

Alhumdulilah, it seems there is a small but continuous growing interest in getting involved in the Dawah in our local area. Please make Dua that interest continues!

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