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“Chronicles of D’awah” # 1 (Sialkot Wedding)

Our first ever entry by a member of the DAWAH MOTIVATION team. More to come, Insha’Allah!

Jesus, the son of Mary, said:

*“The example of a person who seeks dunya is like that of a person who drinks (salt) water from the ocean. The more he drinks, the thirstier he gets, until he is killed by it!”*

[Kitaab Dham Ad-Dunya, 3/342]


Dawah in weddings can be exciting.

Yesterday, I attended a grand, posh Christian wedding. While I was there, I was talking to my sister and read her a quote, and the bride’s maid was crossing us,

heard that. Something about the quote made her shocked. She turned around, balancing the tiara on her head,

“Are you really reading it? Do you really believe it the way it is?”

“How can I not believe?” I said with absolute surety, “My belief is incomplete if I don’t believe in it?”

Still surprised she answered, “I never knew that” she continued, “What else do you believe in?”

This was my best chance so I turned around to her again, “How about we have a little chat?”

“Sure please!!” She smiled…

Then I went on and on and spoke about the Greatest One whom we both loved, but in a different way for her…

A lot of her misconception were cleared. Alhamdulillah!


By the end of our conversation, I gave her a book about the one who said the quote as a gift, and then I left. She saw me going silently. I could see only the satisfaction shining on her face and all glow of tiara, sparkling fairy lights and glitters fading away..

The only thing left glowing on her face was the peace of being introduced to her Creator, The Excessively Loving and Merciful!


Do you know who said that quote from where it all begun?


I said to myself one more time, “That’s dawah!”


– Team Dawah Motivation

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