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“Chronicles of D’awah” # 2 (Left me speechless)

They say you need pure intention, a vision and above all that true love for Allah swt and for the Deen of Islam to give dawah


I completely agree to that. Infact working with the people of special needs, it so happened that I witnessed something mind-bogglingly amazing, which left me speechless…
At the clinic, I saw a young-teenage, hijabi girl approaching me and trying to explain something in sign language. I was able to interpret it and understood that she was telling me how beautiful I looked in my hijab :p

Then she continued talking to me and understanding her sign-words filled my heart with joy and left my eyes wide open! I couldn’t say anything.


All this time I was listening to her and smiling at her and my eyes were filled with tears. She was talking about the Merciful Creator. I could see sparkles in her eyes as she began to explain the attributes of The Lord.

I managed to control my senses and answered her in signs, and we had a good 30-40 min conversation Alhamdulillah!😍
She was a young, passionate, educated, confident and a ‘Deaf-Mute’ Daee!!! The feeling I experienced and what I witnessed is none less than a miracle!💫

May Allah s.w.t raise our emaan and fill our hearts with the passion for Dawah. Ameen! ❤

– Team Dawah Motivation

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