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“Chronicles of D’awah” # 4 (D’awah in Taxi)

It was a beautiful night with full moon and pleasant weather..

I hired a taxi to visit some tourist spot at ‘Delhi’-Capital City Of India.

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The taxi driver who was an old man, after knowing that I have come to visit Delhi started suggesting some good tourist spots there.
He told me about the famous ‘Dargah’ where people come from different parts of country to visit.

I told him that I am not really interested in visiting the Dargah, which made him very curious about why I didn’t want to visit such an important place??

I took this opportunity to start d’awah and explained him ‘Oneness of God’ and how we turn only to One God in need and not to anyone else, then explained him role of good people and messengers which is just preaching the message of Lord and they are not to be called upon on need.

Then I asked him what faith does he follow?
After knowing that he is follower of ‘Budha’, to make him feel comfortable and interested in conversation i asked him to explain ‘Budhist religion’.

I listened carefully to his points with attention and interest and then switched back to my d’awah points and started explaining further without trying to dominate or trying to prove fallibility of Budhism, I just tried to make him reflect on the fallibility of his faith by explaining about Islam.

He listened carefully and agreed to each and every point 🙂

After the ride, I paid him extra for ride to have tea which left him excited and happy..!
I did so for a purpose that he can remember and reflect on the conversation we had.

Dawah in taxi is such an amazing idea!
It makes your long travel interesting and purposeful
I think everybody should try it !

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