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“Without involvement, there is no commitment. Mark it down, asterisk it, circle it, underline it.” – Stephen Covey

A post goes out on social media..

Does anyone want to volunteer with us? Join us? Be part of the team?

And then countless people will comment or inbox the advertiser: “Me! ✋✋✋✋✋…”

This seems to have been the norm for a few years now. It could be a DAWAH org, a charity or any online project. Subsequently what then tends to happen is, tonnes of people will put themselves forward without any thought about:

How many hours/ days can they truly give to this?
What are the other 100 orgs you have signed up for? Are you up to date with the their work?
Are you able to do it? Do you have the skills?

The issue is that people rarely think about the above issues. They are driven more by enthusiasm and haven’t really given it deep thought. It’s either non thought out enthusiasm or insincerity. I say insincerity as I have noticed people volunteer just because they are bored of their current projects or maybe everyone else joining this new initiative or even… in this new project “ I’ll get a chance to speak and show the world my amazing talents!”

These are very weak foundations before commiting to a project. The foremost and only reason should be for the pleasure of Allah and changing the world. Anything else, career advancement, promoting your own content should come as a bonus. This is the foundation which will carry you and make you commit to a particular project.

Commitment in da’wah:

Some context.

At Dawah Motivation, which has been providing an online platform for training and networking, we have had many members joining us. Although at first they have lots of enthusiasm to be ‘active’ members of the group (WhatsApp/Facebook) this enthusiasm usually withers away within weeks of joining. We’ve always advocated that look upon DM as a test of your general life commitment. If you commit to this group and some of its very basic requirements, you’ll be able to commit to anything in life! Be it marriage, studies, career or family!

But that hasn’t been happening. Commitment to tasks has been weakening over time. I have noticed this same trend amongst other groups and organisations.

Joining a group is easy. But Being committed to it and playing an active role is sometime a lot of us are missing out on.

So maybe some of the tips below could help you gain much more commitment to the cause. Be it Dawah/ charity or a knowledge based project.

Why am I talking about commitment?

I am extremely grateful to my Lord, the most loving, that he placed within my heart an old school type of loyalty. Whatever project or industry i embark upon, i take as something personal. I own it and am passionate about it. I don’t commit half heartedly. For me its sometimes a matter of life and death. These thoughts and this particular mindset has helped me to commit to projects over the years be it at IERA, YC, writing blogs ( 9 years now) producing videos ( 7 years ) sticking to the dawah and Islam. Alhumdulillah.

I share this not to gain any praise or to let it be known that i am special but to inspire you, the reader. That a human being living in the 21st century, with all the gadgets that our world can offer and all the insincere, fickle personalities around us and all the distractions, can still hold on to these antique character traits such as loyalty and commitment to a cause.

Some tips to improve commitment to a project.

  1. You need to have several motivational reasons not just one. One reason in this day and age is not enough. You may add this to your reminder App on your device or print out large copies and put on your room wall. To serve you as a reminder. Then keep referring back to these every time you begin to slip.
  2. Before joining a project or volunteering think to yourself that I will give it my all to this project for 3/4 months, full intensity, day and night! If you give it all, you’ll see whether or not you’ll like it. If you are losing motivation to this task, then be brave, be honest & speak to the head. Call them and explain. It’s better that you are honest than keep giving fake promises: Eg Some personal problems right now, or exams or getting married etc! Just be honest and say you need a few months off or away.
  3. Do not keep raising your hands or put yourself for every project that comes up. Stick to one or maximum two. If you keep becoming a ‘core member’ of every organisation then there will be clashes. Then you won’t be able to commit to any of these! They suffer and you suffer. So be very careful before putting your hand up and ask yourself deeply, can I handle all these? Or am I capable of just one?
  4. Think about your reputation, if you keep jumping from one to another, then future employers will notice this. Additionally, people will think about you as the one who doesn’t stick to one project, always keeps changing their minds. They’ll think you are unreliable. You don’t want to create this reputation about yourself.
  5. Before signing up to a project, an institute, organisation or a task, view and treat this as you would your paid job. A Paid job or even your university. At the work place or at an institute setting, there are rules. There are strict timings and repercussions if they are not adhered to. So the fear of losing an income or being expelled from your institute makes you commit and take it all very seriously. This is how you should treat dawah projects or any Islamic course that you’ve signed up for. Treat it as seriously as your career, that will push you to commit harder.
  6. Give it everything, give it your heart! Lose some sleep, sacrifice an hour or even half an hour of sleep. Old school die hard loyalty and fiery passion is needed. Don’t give it your half, give it your life! Make it your life’s purpose!
  7. Own it! Don’t treat yourself as a mere member, but look upon a project as if you founded it. Think that if i weaken my commitment, then this project will fail. Think how many people this will let down, think about our reputation. What then will you think about yourself?

On the authority of Abu ‘Amr, who said:
I said: “O Messenger of Allah, tell me something about Islam which I could not ask anyone about save you.” He answered: “Say: ‘I believe in Allah’, and then stand firm and steadfast.”

Let this following Ayah be enough to make us more committed:

“And keep the covenant. Lo! of the covenant it will be asked.”
– Al-Israa’ 17:34

Nadeem Ashraf

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  1. Jzk for these practical tips. I will follow and keep in mind while doing any commitment. And that’s true joining a group or any org is easy but being committed to it and stay active a lot of us are missing out on it. Amazing blog.
    Great job Brother. Best of duas

  2. Jazak Allah Khair for sharing these tips. Fact: Age isn’t enough. It seems like all these are basically written for me.
    Kindly share something how to be consistent in it!

    1. Ok, jzk khayr. Perhaps check out the video on dawah motivation youtube channel. ‘consistency in dawah’. Leave any questions or comments there. Hope they help/

    2. Shubhan Allah!Allhamdulillah I just read it!it really amazing it is really a reminder for me specially becoz I suffered some sort of insincerity,but Allhamdulillah I manage it any how!
      Jazak Allahu kahirn for remind me!
      I will going to note down all of these point In my DM note book,so I will always read and remind my self to keep my covenant with all project,I have!

  3. This reference wins my heart and Allah also makes me a committed person. i have really learned many tips regarding commitimet
    son the authority of Abu ‘Amr, who said:
    I said: “O Messenger of Allah, tell me something about Islam which I could not ask anyone about save you.” He answered: “Say: ‘I believe in Allah’, and then stand firm and steadfast.”

  4. Mash’ALLAH jazk Allahu khrian for breaking the psychology of the person down we are driven usually with just our enthusiasm.Allah says “And (as for) those who strive hard for Us, We will most certainly guide them in Our ways; and Allah is most surely with the doers of good.” Al Ankabot (29. 69) we should take in consideration that it will require to work hard to arrive also Mash’ALLAH the tips are amazing espically not always raising hands and to be honset it’s something esstinal.

  5. I think the main question is: why did I join this task/project? If it’s for my ego, then drop the ‘e’ and go! If it’s a time-filler, then our intentions must be addressed and corrected immediately. It needs to be for Allah, and for Him alone. Chapter 112 isn’t called Surat At Tawheed; it’s called Surat Al Ikhlaas – the Sincerity/Loyalty/Purity! So, in line with what Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: “Actions are (judged) by motives (niyyah)…”, this would be the best way to incentivise and remind ourselves and volunteers about the purpose of joining insha’Allah.

  6. A very informative and eye opening blog on the topic of commitment. It is a great reminder and also explains the importance of this in easy to understand terms and examples-especially the reason for committing should be for the pleasure of Allah and changing the world. This was a much helpful read and very inspirational.
    Jzk and best of Duas for all your efforts.

  7. How true is this . How can someone be committed tp something if he is not loya to it. We should take it as our own project so that we can do it sincerely.
    The one thing which always keeps me going is: time is short ( death is approaching) and we have to work hard to spread the message of truth to this whole world.
    JazakAllah for this reminder!

  8. Subhan Allah again an amazing reminder👌
    Yes it’s very easy to join any new project but difficult to stay committed. And definitely if goal is pleasing Allah SWT then we will try and stick to regular good actions.

  9. Jazak Allāh khair
    Subhan Allah… amazing ..very useful tips for being consistent and motivated in dawah and our daily works or projects.
    The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) was asked about the act most pleasing to Allah. He replied:
    That which is done continuously, even if it is small.” [Sahih Muslim].
    We must have a proper vision of life so that we can be more responsible and committed towards our goals and more serious about the results.

  10. You once said “we worship our hearts, we do what our hearts feel happy with”. I still remember it, and everytime i m doing a project i ask myself if i am doing it for the sake of my heart or for Allah. Our intentions need to be clear, clouded intentions really lead to insincerity.

    1. May Allah reward you sir Nadeem for this amazing blog
      Makes me question am I giving my 100% to a task that is given to me ?🥺

  11. Jazakallah!!!
    Great points, subhanallah i’ll surely keep them in my mind and I am glad that helped me a lot…
    I’ll surely share it with my friends and family.
    Looking forward to your next blog…

  12. Jazakallah. They are enough healthy tips for dawah consistency. I’ll follow these guidelines In Shaa Allah.

  13. Commitment is a key to success.. We all often lack it, we should make sure we are committed all thorough our projects or any matter till the end.
    This blog has put great insights for me. Also the tips given are doable. Inn shaa Allah will try to apply these in my life.
    Jazakallah khairan for the inspiring blog..

  14. Subhana’Allah, very informative and helpful tips. All Points are just Great. ..
    May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala reward you Brother Nadeem with a Healthy life, Aafiyah and a Beautiful Home in Janna-tul Firdous. Aameen.
    JazakaAllah khayr

  15. MA SHAA ALLAH such practical tips! Yes we should stick to daawah like any other task wo adhere ourselves to. Such tips always motivate and help us to look into ourselves if we are beings such weak members. And pull ourselves back into the game.

  16. Jazakallahu khairan for this beneficial post. I could relate to the initial points while reading. I practically experienced the inefficiency when I committed to a lot of groups and projects together. I don’t do that anymore alhamdulillah.
    May Allah help us all in being focused and persistent in the works that we make commitment.

  17. Jazakallah for all these wonderful tips. This bloh gonna push me more towards my goals with strong commitment in practical life as well as my spiritual life. You have been my motivation since years. I respect you always.

  18. Jazak Allah for sharing this blog. Very inspirational and eye opener for the new people joining this noble Dawah mission. It requires full commitment, time and dedication. All the practical tips are very useful to keep motivating ourselves.
    Thank you.

  19. Isn’t it that you should first crystal clear your organization’s mission. If you’ll be to the point straight and clear towards new member, then see if that person is really satisfied or not.
    I think then after clarification, a new member will actually know what to do n how to give full.
    If they are satisfied. They won’t leave probably, as it’ll make their heart not feel as if I’m into something not right.
    I think; it can work on new members; try first clarify even silly Questions of them!

    1. Yes of course. In terms of dawah, its actually very simple= Engage in face to face dawah where possible, sisters to sisters, bros to guys. If Muslim not praying then engage in dawah there, if a non Muslim then call to Islam. For training to work, join the groups and actually reply. A lot of people who joined the dawah were joined somewhere else too. That doesnt help unless you have ample time, energy and can multi task well

  20. The blog really states an experienced explanation about being committed to any task.It truly speaks like taking part in everything and ending to nothing. We should really put the commitment at our centre of work and be devoted towards it whatever the things fall in between to interrupt us.

  21. Jzk for amazing blog and practical tips. It’ll really help all those who’re struggling with staying commited to know the possible reasons and to overcome them.

  22. Don’t know if anyone has taken it emotional or not but this is bit emotional for me, as it remind me something, it remind me about myself and what i am doing right now & what should I do now….JZK for this supper blog….

  23. Jzk for this blog
    I have seen people excel in their fields who stay committed and work for the sake of Allah
    Will definitely try to use these tips in sha Allah!

  24. I’m so overwhelmed by this masterpiece. Giving your full heart is what needed and that is what make everything possible. We may hang some tips/reasons in our room is really a good practical tip👌👌

  25. Mashallah sir nadeem explained the points how to stay consistent in dawah n keep on trying in dawah plannings is just marvelous.
    As we observe often most of people join an organization to become famous or just to gain appreciation or to tell people they are core member of this or that organization n after sometime when they become used too or when the time comes to show skills they get bored and wants some new projects to join unfotunately not to work so for this we should make our purpose clear that we are not working FOR dawah motivation instead we are working as a muslim for the sake of allah FROM dawah motivation as team member

  26. It’s a very important tips we all need to put our heart and Intention in our dawah activity May Allah bless our time and make us among people who are well organized and have great impacts.

  27. jazakallaju khairan for such amazing we will try to imply it and learn to be commited in sha Allah.

  28. Alhamdulillah😊
    This blog has really tought me some imp. points, that when u begin any of the task or the smallest of good deed, we should be consistant on it and stick to our we know drops of water can one day make a big ocean. 😊
    May Allah help me to be consistant and I will give my 110% in Dawah 🤲
    Jazakallahu khair.

  29. This blog is a gem Subhanallah. This was the first blog that I read & started to follow DM. Alhumdulillah…. surely, lots of amazing tips & guidelines for anyone who wants to involve not only in Dawah mission but also for any kind of project. Jazakillahu khier Bro for always sharing beneficial & productive material for UMMAH.

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