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Dawah in “India”

The story is narrated by a DM Sister from India:

I recently came to know a sister via Instagram and we become Good friends Alhamdulillah. She is from Mumbai India. Today she shared with me her Sisters Dawah experience. I wanna share with you too!

“My delivery happened in the month of April, during complete lockdown. Our housemaid was on leave and since i had C-Section it was very difficult for my mother to take care of me and household chores at the same time. Also Ramadan was around the corner, so My mother had no option but to call our maid as she stays nearby but she sent her daughter instead. The daughter is 16 or 17. She started staying at our house. My younger sister would tell her about Islam every day. She was very keen to know about it and as Ramadan came she got more excited seeing different acts of Ibadah. Sooner she started reciting dua’s with my sister. And one fine day she asked,

“How can i become Muslim? Even i want to pray like you. Live like you.”

SubhanAllah! That day she accepted Islam. My mother helped her with Shahadah. After 2 fine months she went back to her home. Her mother called us one day and informed about her whereabouts. The girl regularly performs her obligatory prayers and even asked her mother to get a praying mat and copy of Quran for her. Her mother asked us that she brought her daughter a prayer mat, can you please get her Quran?

Moreover, the family is Buddhist. They don’t believe in God. But they have been supportive to her. And we contacted a place where they give Qurans in different language to Reverts and Non-Muslims for free.

Insha’Allah she will get her copy of Quran in her mother tongue soon…

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  1. Subhan ALLAHi Allahu Akbar 🌸
    But there isn’t always such support from the family, what would happen if there’s a similar case but the family refuses, would there be anyone at all supporting the person.

  2. Subhanallah..
    Such an inspiring dawah experience..
    The sister did it all, just lying on a hospital bed.. Indeed where there is will, there is way.
    Jazakallah khairan

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