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One of the many reasons why I take great pride in helping young Muslims around the world, in their Dawah efforts, in their training and mentoring, is because some humans come up with such inspirational moves, that it surprises you in a nice way. One of the latest instances that took place recently was in the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. After coming across one of our tips. In this case, the tip was about using your lounge / home as a venue for an ‘event’. A young sister, was so inspired and determined to do this that she actually organised a small event at her friends house. This sister informed us that a few of her friends who were practising Islam and a few who were away from the deen got together, bonded, had a fascinating discussion on the purpose of life and about God. They did this in July 2020 in the era of Covid-19. This shows that with willpower and enthusiasm, one can engage in da’wah and organise a Dawah event, even during crisis times! It’s absolutely amazing for me, sitting here in the UK, coming up with ideas with the DM team and then from the other side of the world, someone actually implements the idea. Subhana’Allah. I hope this serves as an example that if a single young solo sister can organise something like this by herself, then others around the world can do this too. The idea is very simple actually: Ask your parents if you can bring a few people around to your living room for some tea/ biscuits. Then you invite as many people who are far away from Islam. Keep it minimal, watch a DAWAH video followed by a discussion, give a very simple but thought provoking reminder. And that’s it. If you take these small steps, Allah swt will open bigger doors for you.

Jodhpur, where a DM inspired event took place.
The recent tip that’s being executed around the world including Karachi, Crawley and Jodhpur.
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  1. Aslam o alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu !
    Yes where there is a will there is way. Human mind is capable of doing amazing things. Why we shouldn’t use these skills to please our lord. Subha Allah 💕. May Allah allow us to implement these tips and ideas provided by dawah motivation.

  2. Absolutely amazing, simple and hugely rewarded. Indeed! these small acts help us to achieve big things in life.

    1. Mind works when there is a courage of Allah’s love in heart. Most amazing and easiest tip and could be easily done. In Shaa Allah will surely be doing this.❤

  3. Subhan Allah this is beauty of Dawah Motivation ideas that it can be easily implemented and anyone can get involved in Da’wah 🙂

  4. MaShaAllah feels amazing to read this. Simple things can bring a great impact in someone’s life.
    May Allah give Hidayah to all of us, to do something for this ummah, no matter how small it will be, but it’s something worth and meaningful.

  5. Ma sha Allah! This sister implemented this Da’wah tip in a very amazing way. May Allah SWT open our ways to do more Da’wah activities like these :))

  6. How about doing it at work. As we are conducting online classes and when we’re having some conversation in free times and i see an opportunity i try to avail.

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