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Assalaam alaykum.
Do you have any ideas for doing dawah in the hostel? I am staying at a girls hostel in Pakistan and need ideas. Jzk
More than anything, if you are serious about becoming a daee, then have a think about how much are you committed to this? Are you willing to sacrifice your time? Remember you too are a student and have your own work. Can you handle becoming a reference point and your studies? You may have to always be available and have people coming to your room regularly.
One of the best ways is to always set up a high standard of Islam to your colleagues. Be the best example. The beauty of being an example to other students is that this will motivate you to increase and improve your own Deen! We all need doses of inspiration and motivation
You will always find new admissions trying hard to adjust in the hostel environment, looking for help from anyone at all. Be their super hero and help them with everything. This will help you make your own group of friends who are grateful to you at the same time and listen and trust your word. This is your chance to share the word of Allah SWT with them.
 Facilitate girls around you and share with them the places you have found around the hostel that they can go to for their everyday needs or just to hang out with friends. Tell them about the best tailor, mall ,market, restaurant, picnic spot. This will help you win their hearts.
It’s all about winning the hearts. A lot of the dawah to Islam, or at least initiation is about winning the hearts and inspiring the youth..! 
 Generally, our friends don’t need typical naseeha, so don’t lecture them. Show them how your ways (i.e. Islam), are amazing. Remember this can take long , long time, so think years and not expect change within weeks or even months!
 They will approach you to learn and discuss about your ways and share their problems and maybe show interest in adapting to the ways of Islam.
Everyone at a hostel is away from friends and family and misses them. Do things they miss. If you know how to cook, cook for them insha’Allah, which can remind them of their home and automatically they will feel attached to you.
Prove your presence at the university and the hostel. Joining the Debating Society is a good example.. Your university must appreciate your presence. University administration must know you as one of their best students.
 Excel in your academics.
Whenever you get a chance to speak to a group of girls or to address the class or a chance during your halaqas, speak about solutions to the problems of your fellows, like exam stress, love, family disputes and other topics of importance at their level and age.
Keep everything relevant to them, and, always in the light of Islam and Tauheed.
 Improve your English and language skills, especially spoken.
Be active and engage with the student body. Execute your plans practically. Arrange trips for your fellows, plan and arrange healthy activities; seminars and workshops including religious and educational expos.
 Offer incentives to the fellows. Incentives, like your team of Da’wah sisters can offer to wash the dishes for the ‘disinterested’ group or maybe to buy them food, or more general offers like certificates or credit hours in the course that you can arrange with the consent of university officials.
Become a counsellor and an advisor for your fellows. Be honest. Be trustworthy. Be sincere. Be there for them at all times.
If you are going  through a book, then perhaps after a while get the other hostilities to read the book. This makes it more interesting and keeps everyone involved.
Ask for ideas, what topics would your fellow students like to discuss?
Organise mini tours to a conference or an interesting landmark, show the students your exploring and adventurous side..
    These are just some very basic tips and ideas. One of the biggest purposes of these blogs is to get the reader thinking. To build upon these ideas, to open a new window of thinking within their minds.
May Allah set bless those involved in the dawah everywhere.
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  1. Subhan Allah! The tips are extremely useful. Being a hostel resident, have already tried some of them Alhamdulillah and found them very helpful and influential. And now will in sha Allah go for the other tips too. Such a useful and interesting article. JazakAllahu khairan kaseera akhi 🙂

    1. Jzk Khayr. Alhumdulilah. This was just a basic & discussion starter. Hopefully will write up a part 2 at some point. Do share your feedback and the blog on your social media so others can benefit.

  2. JazakAllahu khairan
    These tips really proved to be helpful Alhamdulillah. Specially sharing the places we’ve discovered and sharing the food and books etc with juniors helped a lot making our place in heart. But sometimes it is difficult to approach your seniors in this way. For your seniors, the most helpful part for me was asking them to share what is bothering them.
    Other many things were helpful too Alhamdulillah. Summa Alhamdulillah.


  3. Subhan Allah. Amazing tips Ma Shaa Allah. We can also execute them in our regular studying campus too.

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