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Question from a sister asked how can she do more as a housewife and mother in the field of Da’wah.


Assalam alikum… How are you bro… I wanted to ask you some questions.. Hopefully you will guide me. Please tell me how much knowledge do I need for the work of dawah? Em a simple housewife.. And I don’t go out much.. How can I be helpful for the other members of society.. Alhamdulilah I do try to give confidence in Islam to my husband and kids but still I wish to work more.. And more kind and towards others… I saw your profile and mashaALLAH you are already in this field. Please guide 🙂


I will try and give some suggestions from the point of view of a housewife.

So the sister in question is based in the city of Hyderabad in Sindh.
(Those sisters or housewives from other parts of the world can think about & contextualise their own town/city here)

Obviously compared to the larger cities, the Da’wah activities options are limited.

But still, it is not a small town or village & is considered a city. Which means with a bit of imagination and creativity, a lot can be done!

As a point of inspiration, last year a sister undertook a Da’wah campaign in a couple of villages near Chakwal! With no funding or resources! So it just goes to show that with a huge will, anything is possible anywhere!

For a Da’ee, the more populous the area, the better! Us daees love large crowds! This means more options and more deeds!! 😎

When there isn’t an active Da’wah organisation already established then here is your chance to shine! This is an opportunity for you initiate a very cool Da’wah organisation & begin something amazing for your locality. Ask yourself the question, are you willing to be become an initiator of Khayr? Are you confident and committed enough to begin Da’wah activities?

I will share potential ideas that may help you begin activities in your own vicinity.

I would highly suggest you find like minded sisters. It’s always good to work in a team than on your own. Use social media networking to find other sisters that are willing.
Can you enter local institutes? This is where the Da’wah is most needed.

Find sisters who are willing to use their lounges/ sitting rooms for meetings/ halaqahs. Great resources are useful for the Da’wah!

As you can see, it’s easy to ask the question of how to get involved but another matter actually doing it! Are you passionate enough to carry out the tasks, be they tedious or hard work?  
The question isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s a lifetime process but for very basics you  needs to learn  basic aqeeda & basic concepts (say GORAP), in order to know what to convey to the youth of Hyderabad.

On special occasions like Eid or during Ramadan or lets say even like on a Friday, cook something or maybe buy stuff and make favors. Really small packs and share with the  neighbors with an attached note or something about Islam or buy some small books with attractive titles that you can get people interested in reading. (This can be shared with kids friends and school fellows the same way and thats the most effective)
Kids are quick and better learners and more open to new ideas and all.

The mothers at the school your kids go to is a very good place to network, recruit and motivate for Da’wah!

Since you may not be able to conduct street Da’wah yourself maybe you should arrange for a day in the month when you and some of your  freinds can visit the nearest old homes or orphanages or places like that. Share goodies or even without goodies just a talk about Islam and Allah,subjects that will intrigue the audience in a way that they want to learn more & be inspired

Get yourself really used to the Quran and Prophetic ways of dawah…read texts, read authentic blogs for example the youthclub blog and watch YouTube videos!

If your husband is supportive, you can arrange halaqas or something at your own place…

Always remember, we are calling to the pure worship of Allah swt. Non sectarian, non controversial, non political. Be cool and positive at all times. Be very friendly.
The youth of Hyderabad may have their own unique issues and bad habits. And so These are the issues that need to be tackled with effectively.

This blog was an extremely small and vague article to get you thinking. As always I’m willing to have in depth conversations and offer practical ideas to get things going.

May Allah swt accept our efforts.

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  1. I like the idea of cooking and sharing something special on occasions, and also buying some small attractive title books.

  2. Ma sha Allah so many opportunities for us if we really want to do it!
    “where there is a will there’s a way”

  3. Interesting. I liked the idea of cooking and giving to the neighbours with a note attached. It’s simple, thoughtful and doable for most people! Sounds like a good start 🙂

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