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How to fall in love with reading books 📚
A question was posed..
Tips and ideas to develop a habit of reading books. This is an extremely important question that has been asked by someone so young and especially in an age of the reign of ‘non-books’!
Social media, tablets, phone and apps have virtually taken over our  lives. The thought of reading a book seems like something of old and dare i say it’ a boring hobby’ . Well this blog will aim to dispel that myth by offering you ideas to get into this habit. If you develop this habit of book reading, you will see an upgrade in the quality of your life! God wiling.
Other than gaining super knowledge, you will actually find a new weapon in yourfightagainst that B word..(boredom!)

✴It takes three weeks to six weeks for developing a habit. Spare at least half an hour for reading books on a regular basis and create an  environment for reading. Please stay away from distractions especially gadgets and noise. Concentrate on what are you reading. Take a start from any interesting book. Give yourself a challenge of three weeks and in shaa Allah you will get a habit developed,subject to consistency. Whatever time you allocate for reading please don’t miss it and don’t allocate that time to any other activity. Once you develop a habit of reading,that taste won’t allow you to give up such a meaningful habit!.📅

✴Buy books according to your interest..
start reading least a page…
set targets eg you will have to read 2 books in a month.📚
✴We recommend that a beginner start with the biographies/history books. . Then after having finished 10-20 as such books you can easily motivate yourself  to reading of any other book.📓
✴Make daily reading a priority !a commitment to yourself.
Find a good book,read it free at the library before you commit and spend money on it.
Follow through -actually read it!
Be consistent don’t forget to read after few days gap.
Start from today!
✴People read books they don’t actually want to read, content and style they don’t like, plus they over burden themselves. It’s not important how many books you get through and how quickly. Be more disciplined about what you choose to read and if it’s not well written, doesn’t engage or resonate with you then chuck it in the dustbin. It’s not a failure on your part, it’s a failure on the author’s part. Once you get more strict about what you choose to read, you’ll be fine.
✴Read everyday. No matter how bored or sleepy you get. or how busy you are. even if you read one page, read it. even if it’s while you’re travelling, read works to start with a book divided into small sub chapters. so you feel like you’ve accomplished something by finishing one chapter (even if it was only.4 pages). i won’t recommend  going for something classic or impressive in the beginning. It has to be easy and interesting especially while you are starting off and eventually IA even the boring books become interesting in and of itself.
✴A room without devices is the best thing to develop a habit of book reading….
Fix some time for reading…. or fix pages that you would read daily then no matter what happens try to achieve your pages limit or time limit… ie fix 20 pages daily… or half an hour daily…📑
write reviews about what you read.📝

Find yourself a nice cafe. A place with a comfy chair, nice views and a cool pleasant ambience. It doesn’t have to be just the one cafe, perhaps a different cafe every now and again. Treat yourself to your favourite hot drink and get that book out!

  • If cafe’s are not your thing then hunt for libraries? There are many hidden gems, if you have the will to look for them!


  • Find a quiet spot with a nice view of your town, city or village. This helps you enjoy the whole experience of a good book and surrounded by a beautiful setting!
  • At first, it may be a struggle. You will get distracted, maybe you want to turn to your phone! or look around or even just let your thoughts wander! but fight all this and come back to the book. This may happen to you a few times, but repeat the process.


So like most things in life, instead of thinking about doing it….actuall go ahead and do it! there are millions upon millions of books in the world today! So if you are someone that has been battling to get into book reading, after reading this blog, make a list of the kind of topics youd like to read about. Get that book..

and start reading!!!

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The ideas offered in this blog were suggestions from my socia media friends and contacts. mixed with a few ideas from myself! Do make dua’s for those that contributed!

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