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How to make your WhatsApp Groups active

Never ignore a person who cares for you. Because someday you’ll realize you’ve lost a diamond, while you were busy collecting stones….

I have been connecting people, creating small groups way before we became accustomed to the internet world. So naturally with the advent of the online experience , I transferred my skills and experience onto WhatsApp. Near enough the whole world is using WhatsApp now  and all sorts of groups are being formed.

In regards to the da’wah, one of the most challenging aspects of this is to keep the group active and lively. 

Below are some ideas that may help, although I am sure there are many other tips that have gone amiss, so in the comments do add your tip and we may even edit this blog to accommodate your suggestions.

WhatsApp groups!

The Beginning

“I’ll add you to the group” or “Can I join your WhatsApp group “

Are some of the opening typical enquiries that I have been receiving over the years. This is the easy part. You either send a link or as an admin you add them directly ( with or without their permission!)

Initiating a WhatsApp group and then adding members is easy. But maintaining the group and making it productive has become a challenge. 

WhatsApp Groups: For both Members & Admins

Adab applies? 

Imagine you walk into a room, you say Assalaam Alaykum all!  and then you ask a question. Everyone then ignores you. Or perhaps only two replies, would you not  want the others to at least acknowledge your existence?? How would you feel about not getting a reply ? What would you think?

The above scenario should be kept in mind and we need to treat the WhatsApp group like this. As if it’s happening physically and everyone is in the same room. You may see a telephone number on the screen but it’s actually a human being behind these digits. So be considerate & think how they would feel. 

This may spur you on to always make a significant effort in replying and not become a silent dormant observer.

Too many groups? Choose carefully. 

More is not productive. Yes enthusiasm is a commendable virtue but not at the expense towards reality, your time and resources. You will be limited in committing your time and energy to multiple groups.

Self Reminder

Make a poster, a large one. Add in what groups you’re in, stick this poster on the bedroom wall or somewhere visible, and check it daily. 

Interact in Group

Even if you don’t have an input into a discussion, at least 2 or 3 times a week, reply with a  “Jzk khayr”. ( takes three seconds of your life!)

Or even type the word  ‘following’ or even “I am not sure how to answer this” 

But don’t ignore it, never ignore the chat & move on, do not leave before saying something.

Own it

Try to be informal as possible. Look upon this group as if you own it! Don’t worry about decorum or what others would think. Don’t spam, but ask as many questions as you can.

Get to know as many members as you can. The ones that you have ‘clicked’ with, have a call now and again and encourage each other to become an active member.

Why is calling important?

Before Adding

Before starting the group or if you’ve recently become the main head, have a call with each member first before adding/ starting the group. 

Tedious, I know but this critical induction will keep you in good stead in the near future. In the induction insist upon active participation rather than becoming a silent observer. 

Welcome people

When adding, welcome the new member, ask them for a detailed intro ( not just studies) and then ask current members to give a brief intro again ( yes you have to keep repeating, so maybe copy paste from a note already made for this). 

This way it is much more interesting & people will see commonalities eg “oh same city as me, or I’m studying that too. “

Encourage Productive Discussions

Getting responses. Very tough, because there’s too many groups and not enough time. So it’s like a social media competition, competing for attention. 

Try the video calls option. 

More Tips

Instead of typing out a question or initiating a new task or even just to keep the group ‘chatty’ 

  • Try making a short video just to say hey! 
  • Try voice notes. 
  • Try making a small poster. 
  • Take a pic with a small caption. Don’t always demand updates but ask a random Q e.g. what would you put in your sandwich? Memes? Tag different people, not the same one. 
  • Reply there and then if possible. If you think I’ll reply later, then more often than not, that later won’t come!
  • Use of different emoticons. Stickers. 
  • Don’t forget the description option. Pin a doc of rules? Announcement of  Next event online or a face to face meet up.
  • Change the display picture now and again, something to catch the eye of the members.
  • The group displays pictures, making them bright & shiny. Again, think from the point of view of the member. When they scroll down their WhatsApp chats, they may see your group as the one that catches their attention.
  • Find out the optimized time when people sit down to check their messages on their phone. Post your question or link at that opportune moment, as opposed when everyone would be asleep. 
  • Use the Reminder option on your smartphone. A simple “check fulan WhatsApp group” today and reply.  

Further tips:


Inactive Members

Always chase up dormant members. Scroll up for a few months and check that a certain person has been completely silent for months upon months. Tag them, if still no reply, PM them. If still no reply, then have a call. 

Sometimes you have to be ‘harsh’. What this means is that the  greater good of the group/ project is much more important than the feelings of a member. Members will rarely say “ I cannot commit/ I need to leave”. 

So you have to be Frank ( with compassion) and ask whether they want to take a break for a while or leave altogether. This is because if you allow one dormant member for a long period of time then this allows others to think they could do the same. 

If after exhausting all avenues a certain member hasn’t improved their interaction, then it is better to remove them rather than they ‘left’. This is to create a good standard and an example to others who are watching all this unfold. 

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Recruit other group admins, share the burden Assign tasks to certain members. Especially the chatty ones and the ones that use whatsapp regularly. For example member X has to post a meme every few days.

Another member has to post a short motivating video and ask for people’s thoughts once a week. This keeps the group lively & active. Team work makes the dream work, The WhatsApp group team is the team! 


Now and again, a zoom / google hangout/ Skype group call helps. Once every two months or something. In this, that human touch is helpful and motivating. You can also remind everyone to keep replying and be an active member and not just a silent observer. 

Outcomes: Lack of Follow-up

Both as an admin and as a member, remember this. If everyone only observes & doesn’t say anything for days and weeks subsequently the group will slowly  go quite. When it goes quiet, demotivation sets in. When that happens, people may leave the group and suddenly the whole project dies! 

That’s quite tragic. Just because of a lack of replying and discussion, what could have been a world changing project, has to end in such a way. 

Since we established the Team DM group in 2017. It has been constantly active. Yes it is tedious typing and checking, but think about this: If you keep your group active, then in a few years you could influence many people. 


The following divine principles will help us maintain our groups. As members & as Admins: 

And when you are greeted with a greeting, greet [in return] with one better than it or [at least] return it [in a like manner]. Indeed, Allah is ever, over all things, an Accountant.

Quran 4:86

Remember this ayah constantly, this may encourage you to reply more and be less silent.

“Faithful believers are to each other as the bricks of a wall, supporting and reinforcing each other. So saying, the Prophet Muhammad clasped his hands by interlocking his fingers.” (Al-Bukhari)

“It is not lawful for the Muslim to desert his brother for more than three; they meet, so this one turns away and the other turns away, and the better one of the two is the one who greets the other first.” [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim]


These were some ideas that may help. There are many other tips that I missed, so in the comments do add your tip and we may edit this blog to accommodate your ideas.

P.s Do add your own tips for making a group active, the DM website editorial will edit and keep on adding your points, giving credits to you!

– Nadeem Ashraf

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  1. This is really a pearl indeed! 👌
    Loved it from beginning till the end, especially the adab part and all the practical tips mentioned in the blog. I am gonna read it for next few days again and again to absorb it and implement the instructions inshallah. Jazakallah khair for sharing your wisdom. You are always encouraging and motivating us. 😍
    Bundle n bunches of Duas for you always! 🤲

    1. Brilliant! Jazak Allahu khairn you always come up with such effective tips and tries that help us in so many ways.
      May Allah put a lot of barakah in your work in your time.
      I will note down soon all these points and will make a reminder checklist and will add this to my wall or in my dm notebook!
      I sometimes do direct pm at the very same moment when I posted something and other members replying but those who don’t reply I tag them and even pm them but mostly they take it so seriously and take it in ego and showing their excuses and sometimes left Group, what should I do at that moment.

      1. Ma sha Allah,
        This are wonderful tips, but what bothers me most was the fatwas of some Ulamas regarding the use of phones and social media as *Shawaagil* that people should avoid it except when necessary.

  2. Just wanna ask one question, if someone leaves the WhatsApp group without informing, do we need to call or message them to know the reason of leaving the group?

    1. Yes absolutely, sometimes change of a new handset or update they may leave unintentionally, so yes give them a call.

  3. Subhan Allah… The examples and tips that have given in the blog are so helpful and inspirational. We also make the group active by some random gossips of any entertaining topics.
    Jazakallah khairan kaseera for this knowledgeable blog.

  4. Asalam o Alaikum, so yeah I have read the blog and I must say it’s very helpful. But you can apply these tips to those groups in which people are understandable. I don’t have WhatsApp groups for chit-chats, do have mostly for any session/project related. These are alive. I even do have dead chats for months and even I don’t know the person is dying or what else. Why? Because they are away. Away from WhatsApp or away from the people I may also say. And whenever I asked they said “aik yehi Kam to hm khud k lye krty hein” What about those people or groups?

    Also, I was the admin of a specific group and I Usually forbid the members when need and also had good friendly behavior with them. But then I left because every next day they were asking for songs from each other. Did I do something wrong in that group that leads them to ask for songs and is this practice was good?

  5. Wow, amazing! Loved it. I will implement it In shaa Allah
    Very useful tips for my social media.
    Jzk khyr for always motivating us.

  6. What an amazing blog… very informative, clear, easy to understand practical tips and examples with also much inspiring words right from the beginning. Very thought provoking as well- this read was much helpful and will always keep it in mind. Jzk for all your hard work and dedication.

  7. Jazakallah Khair for such amazing tips. I think these tips will help me a lot to stay more connected with people in the Social Media.Very practical tips MashaAllah. I will follow these tips InshaAlla.

  8. Alhamdulillah these are amazing tips and I have been using many of these tips for last 2 years, they really work Alhamdulillah.

  9. Thank you for another amazing blog. Jazak’Allah khyr
    There are many valid and useful tips in this blog. When I read the quotes in the start, I thought why an emotional deep quote in the beginning of such a simple topic? But after reading the whole thing, I feel like that quote puts everything together..

    I would also like to mention that it is very important to look for a team with same vision. And recruit people who share same dream as yours.

    This also implies to calling and meeting people who don’t have exactly the same dream and vision. By doing this they will start appreciating your vision of starting the group/venture and support you. If they were quiet before, they might become active now

  10. Jazakallahu Khairan for such great tips.
    I must say it is very important to own the group .!!
    •Dont ignore the chat Reply is must . This is also very important tip I learnt from this blog..
    Interaction is much needed with every member..!!!!

  11. Ultimately lots of my inactive groups came into mind while reading…such a helpful blog….Jazak Allah…

  12. Full of practical tips Ma sha Allah
    For the admins as well as the members! 👌
    Definitely gonna help in sha Allah, JazakAllah khair 🤲

  13. Mash Allah very helpful article. Every single tips are essential to active any group not just what’s app. I’m very sure anyone will be benefited by this article. not only social media, one can apply these tips any where. and I add one thing that is as it is not a school where every students should follow the class rule so shouldn’t be harsh on silent members,try to understand him/her they try to solve his/her problem according to his /her situation. and soften is necessary while replying others msg,don’t jokes on her/him or shouldn’t talk in a way that may insult him/her. I think u also coverd it.Jazakallah for this awesome article.

  14. It’s a good blog but more like a curriculum.where the adab section is concerned the people on social media respond differently under different age groups.They all react and take things in a completely opposite way.Everyone can’t be dealt with the same stick but can be dealt with the same rules.JazakAllah Khair for sharing beautiful blog with useful tips.

  15. Ma sha Allah very practical tips . I will follow these tips n note down in my dm book. With my personal experience of whatsapp group n being a admin of community groups where we help to create sistershood . I have come across many sisters . It is true when u check with people n give them call . They feel blessed that someone is looking after them n eventually you are able to win their hearts .

  16. جزاك الله خيرا for sharing this amazing tips. Loved all the tips mentioned in the blog specially the Arab part. Will try to implement this amazing practicle tips.

  17. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    I have a question regarding whatsapp grp ,
    There are many members in a grp and we provide them task once a week and we have other activities too, most of the members in the grp replies to the task and are active but on asking few of the inactive member they excuse by saying that their are so many msgs in the grp so we miss the task and we don’t read all the msgs , so what can we do to solve this problem ?

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