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I need to take a break from the Dawah

Taking a small break from Da’wah is not in itself such a bad idea. This discussion could also be applied to seeking knowledge, Islamic courses,Halaqaat and attending Islamic events.

We are human beings after all. We have our own personal commitments, we have our families to tend to and we may even get ‘bored’ of the same menial Da’wah styles.

What I would advise is that if we really need to take a ‘break’. Then from a mindset point of view don’t call it a break. Give it a more positive term. It could be anything,
for example ‘ Won’t be at the stall or at the halaqah for a couple of weeks but see you on the 19th …. and set a date.

Keep the days off or being away very short. Limit them to days if not weeks.
Never take a break that would be more than a month. Because from my own experience and others, a month turns into many many months..
These months then turn into years..
And then these ‘few years of a break from the Da’wah’ or Islamic activities turn into a permanent break! SubhanAllah..

I’ve seen this Happen to many brothers & sisters in Pakistan and the UK..

The dunya and other commitments lures you in and keeps you busy all the time!
I myself experienced this. I thought to
Myself many years back, “I think I’ll take a small break from Da’wah, earn some money & focus a bit on dunya..”
Those few months turned into 8 years!!!
8 years of no Da’wah! Not even completing  one book and I think I attended one event…!
Yes I was praying Salaah. But that was it..
So Set a return date to the Da’wah or Islamic activities.
Announce it to your team or fellow learners..
This will help you come back and fight shaytaan. Don’t give shaytaan a chance at all!

Give shaytaan an inch..& He’ll become your ruler!

Also, when you do return,all fresh and raring to go, plan the next few months. Dont experience burnout..I would advise that if you have given a weekly commitment to the Da’wah table or whatever project you are involved in then perhaps revisit this commitment. Change the arrangement, be smart. Limit yourself to twice a month or even once a month. But STAY CONNECTED.

Play smart, don’t let passions dominate over your smartness. We need brothers and sisters to play a long innings for the Da’wah. Dawah till death!Da’wah throughout our lives! We need small but consistent commitment.


For those brothers who attend the Da’wah stall weekly. I would highly recommend that you create themes. So for example one week keep an extra stash of limited edition flyers on ‘smoking’ or other bad habits. Don’t have the same themes week in and week out that only keep you limited to the same type of discussion! Change locations, recruit and motivate new brothers. Change your style of stopping someone. Start with a new Hadith or a super quote by our past masters! But always have something different. Keep the Da’wah and the approach fresh. This will keep you motivated and the ‘boredom’ factor won’t arise within you. Especially our teenage and Young duaat!

On a final note, I would like to argue that Islamic events / dawah does not obstruct your studies or careers. Rather they enhance it! Think about it, when engaged in Da’wah and learning, you are using your mind on a very high level! It is being active. So if you take this high level of an active mind into your personal life, then surely this would improve your life and studies! I and many others have experienced this..
And then when you make dua to Allah swt to help you with wealth or studies, then you can come to your Lord on the back of many good deeds to offer in return!

May Allah swt keep us connected to learning and consistently work for his Deen.

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  1. Sir actually am on leave from nearly 2 month due to intensive studies! and now I am about to launch a startup company which is taking my time, btw I am in dawah activities with this, but not in organisers just attending events
    is it good for me to keep or to review my practices?

    1. As long as you have some sort of connection to the Da’wah. If possible, aim for part time work in the near future. Also, look into delegating work if this is your own business enterprise. Keep up the one to one Da’wah and naseehah at work,online etc. . May Allah swt make it easy for you

  2. Jzk!very very good points!may Allah always connect us with his Nobel work(Dawah) and keep us always on his right path!

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