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Inspiration for dawah teams worldwide: The role of the weekly halaqah

If you seriously want to engage with the youth of today. If you truly want to attract the those type of youth who are completely lost, away from Islam, bored of Islam or whatever, then a serious dawah organisation must establish some sort of weekly gathering.

It could be at the mosque or someone’s home (large sitting rooms) or some sort of centre. The poster of these weekly gatherings or halaqahs must be well designed, either from a professional graphic designer or someone very talented. There needs to be thought behind it, what would catch the eye of the ever scrolling teenager on social media!

The title of the weekly halaqah must need brainstorming behind it. Well thought out title and caption must be included.

Look at the posters and take inspiration and implement in your town or city. This is just a sample of what YOUTH CLUB Pakistan (Islamabad chapter) offers.

Other than the posters design, the halaqahs themselves are covered by youth themselves, many of them were once upon a time away from Islam themselves!

The ‘instructors’ prepare very well and allow the youth to answer any questions posed. These are not workshops or paid courses but study circles. Some from a ‘book’ others free style! These are FREE and open to all. Some are mixed audiences and some brothers or sisters only. Alhumdulillah one of these halaqahs was established by myself and other brothers a few years ago and it is still going! even though i’m not even in the country anymore! insha’Allah sadaqah jariyah for me.

The weekly dose of inspiration will help bring about a slow but solid change insha’Allah. I do hope other cities of the world emulate this and establish a similar system!






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