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Lounge/Cafe ‘halaqah’ ideas

These posters, mainly inspired by Youth Club can give you ideas about the sort of themes and titles you should be using. These titles are aimed at the non practising youth. Have a look at these and then see if you can prepare a discussion or present these in your living / lounge halaqahs or at cafe meet ups.

If notes or videos are needed, then they can be available upon request

Please comment below what you think of the above. Are they doable?

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  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s brilliant
    amazing work, pro-level graphics, attractive content on the poster.
    jazakAllah for Sharing such amazing posters with us.
    will plan to do something interactive, youths style, meetups in India after COVID InshaAllah
    they are truly amazing, love it

  2. All of them really nice personally I’m going to discuss culture or islam with my cousins as they give more value to culture than anything almost all of them are practicible

  3. Plenty of ideas 💡
    Attractive and appealing!
    Will try to execute meet ups and discussions based on similar topics!

  4. Yes for sure they are doable. Brilliant ideas 👌🏻👌🏻
    Very Attractive and amazing posters definitely will try something like this. Jzk

  5. Superb!! Subhan Allah
    Captivating topics and graphics Ma shaa Allah
    exciting posters that opens up my mind…
    I’ll work over these and I’ll implement them in my Dawah activities In shaa Allah
    Jazakumullahu khairan kaseer for sharing.

  6. Whoa.. These posters are all so attractive..
    One main common thing about them is, they aren’t boring or plain.The graphics, design, content are all very cool to the eyes. They are full of colours and just by looking at them, a person might want to attend the halaqah.. These posters are an inspiration for our future projects and meet ups Inn shaa Allah
    Jazakallah khairan

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