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This blog is written by Areeba Amanat (currently based in Rawalpindi Pakistan). She is a senior DM member and one of the pioneers. She has done BS in Psychology (with a training in Rehabilitation Psychology and an inclination towards research and psychometrics) & MS in Speech-Language Pathology/Therapy (experience working with pediatric and adult population in both hospital set up and special needs center).


The principles of psychology and behavior are a hallmark in Dawah, in any of its forms.

Conveying the message of Islamic Aqeedah & Tawheed is an art itself. It is a massive job. It is a responsibility and a noble cause.

Would it not be better to be able to have tools and tricks to enhance the quality of Dawah? Yes?




Litmus tests are used to measure and to know about the indicators. Did you think that there’s no litmus test for the Dawah?

Voilà! There is one for Dawah too. Here it is:

  1. Dawah should be solely for the sake of Allah
  2. Whatever you learn about Dawah Techniques & Islamic Knowledge should be implemented
  3. The Dawah should be continuous, every day, everywhere, for the rest of your life.

That’s it! Easy and simple


Be creative. Think outside the box.

Have a pen and paper and go into the nitty-gritty details and come up with creative ideas, you’ll be surprised with what your own mind will conjure up with

Plan ahead

Brain storm.

And one of the best ways to do it is as a #team.

It’s the game of the brains and the mind, the more, the better!

Don’t hesitate to use attractive probes; use your unique ways to engage people in a dawah situation.


Talk to people in a way that they can relate with you. They should have a feeling that they know you already. Be informal! Be lively! Have fun and enjoy the conversations. Introduce yourself! Get to know them!

4.        FEAR FEAR GO AWAY!

The most important mindset to have here is to forget about what anyone will think about you. Focus! What is the worse that could happen?

Katherine Diggory, in one of her articles, stated some remarkable ways of overcoming fear. She recommends to:

  1. First “analyse the nature of fear,”
  2. Then “prioritize the potential benefits of what you are doing,”
  3. After that “learn to live with a certain level of uncertainty in life,”
  4. And finally “stop thinking that “doing nothing” is an option.”

She also said:

“Action gives us confidence, forces us to learn and keeps us moving forward in life. Actively decide to be courageous.” 1


As a D’aee, you have to be friendly, comfortable, cheeky, open, with the best attire. Show the world that you are not some stubborn, strict and boring religious person.

Instead, you are just a normal, fun, cool, everyday person!

The research concluded that the first impression positively influences relationship development, which impacts the nature of future interactions and relationship development. 2 Therefore, we want them to take a high standard and good impression of practicing Muslims.

Your personality will be impressed by your character and ikhlaq instead of some hocus pocus deep theories. People yearn for ‘the human touch’ these days…


Being in a surrounding where the majority are non-practicing/non-Muslim, especially when they have “strong opinions” can be overwhelming.

Just push the pause button and think!

Why am I here?

Who has a higher mandate? Me or them?

Your reason to be there is both meaning and powerful than anything or anyone out there. Your message of calling to Allah swt is more profound and powerful than anything else.


Rapport building is a crux of an effective conversation. In an article of KnowledgeCity, the author said something wonderful, i.e.

Building rapport helps to create and develop avenues of mutual trust, friendship and affinity with other individuals. Therefore, rapport is an essential skill to hone.” 3

The key thing to remember in a Dawah situation is to have exceptional “listening skills.” Remember that a Dawah conversation is not about giving lecture to the other person, rather it’s about building a good connection with them and to get them to listen.

Another important aspect of rapport building in a Dawah scenario is to think of things that can act as an ice breaker. E.g. start the conversation with humor, compliment people (people love compliments) etc.

The overall gesture, that we as Daees project, is very important as well. Be welcoming (shake hands). Be passionate! Impress them! Grab their attention with good articulation and charm.

And don’t forget to smile! 🙂


Psychology can be included in dawah in many ways as long as it is within Islamic principles’ confines. We, as Muslims, and on top of that as D’aees, should do everything with the highest standards.

Barak’Allah Feekum!


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  1. This mind to mind blog has digged deep inside my head to use the very impressive tools while giving dawah .The psychological way while conveying the message by this blog has show like a limelight on the dark road .Jazakallah .

  2. Just simply an amazing tips to implement while giving dawah ..the main.. always recognize and point out your aim for whom you are doing so whatever the situation is one day you are going to have a reward for dont hesutate just take a step forward.knowing psychological state of next person and making him feel comfortable will give you more confidence to have a conservation …sometimes its better to act as a listener than a speaker……learned alot jazakallah DAWAH MOTIVATION

  3. Ma Shaa Allah the most attractive topic! How wonderfully explain the concept of psychology! Incredibly beautiful. Absolutely will be going to implement these tips in dawah In Shaa Allah. Jazakallah

  4. Intentions are very important. After knowing our intentions , we just overcome our fears and start giving dawah in an effective way. JazakAllah khair kaseer for such amazing tips.

  5. Yes psychology plays a important role in dawah, and to see it in the form of blog, where all the important concepts are well explained, helps a lot. I will surely keep above mentioned truths in my dawah.. Inn shaa Allah
    Jazakallah khairan for giving us the wonderful blog. Allahumma Baarik

  6. Really great…masha allah worth reading…its just gives a powerful impact for those who just starting there journey as da’ee like me..jazakallahu khairan sister..keep doing..May allah bless you with more righteous knowledge..

  7. Excellent, yes i do agree psychology is also important and must be included in dawah, great blog,learnt a lot of things and tricks jazakallah.

  8. What a super amazing short read that definitely gives tools and tricks to enhance Dawah. The seven points given I find much helpful especially point #4 about fear and also the practical tips given like that you are just a normal, fun, cool, everyday person and building a good connection with them and getting them to listen, use compliments and of course not forgetting to smile.
    A great blog! May Allah bless you for your efforts.

  9. Jazakallah Khair for giving the idea of ​​presenting Islam in a lively, comfortable and friendly way with people.

  10. Beautifully explained & yes that’s true psychology plays an important role in dawah, and this blog helps a lot. I will implement these tips & tricks for sure. In shaa Allah
    Great job Areeba👌🏻 WELL DONE

  11. Masha Allah amazing blog Areeba👌
    Nice to know some tips for Da’wah from psychological perspective.

  12. This is amazing with a great knowledge of how to interact people and how they become influenced. Great job 👍🏻

  13. Wow!! I’m absolutely loving the writing style 👍🏻 Good to know how important psychology is in dawah!

  14. MA SHAA ALLAH! Very practical points. Can be implemented with just little push that we need to give ourselves. Being a student of psychology I strongly agree that psychology needs to be implemented while giving daawah.
    JAZAKILLAH khair for the amazing blog ❤️

  15. A very interesting blog with some easy practical tips. Jazakiallah khair for sharing this valuable information. Loved it.

  16. Jazakillahu khayran for such an amzing blog psychology and dawah go hand in hand. Everything is perfectly explained and everything can be implemented practically with little dose of Self motivation.

  17. Amazing blog …Maa Shaa Allah it’s really attractive and based on practical tips…jzk sister for sharing it❤

  18. Action gives us confidence, forces us to learn, and keeps us moving forward in life. Actively decide to be courageous.” these are beautiful lines and the way how you explain is amazing and a Daee should not be boring , give me more clear mindset about dawah JazakAllah

  19. I love this point “Remember that a Dawah conversation is not about giving lecture to the other person, rather it’s about building a good connection with them and to get them to listen”. It’s very essential, amazing blog🙌.

  20. I started my graduation in psychology. اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰہ کَثِراً . This blog help me alot. This blog has taught me a lot. Being busy, I read this today. I have learned many useful tips from it. And insha’Allah I will keep all these tips in mind while giving and yes while listening to som da’ee.
    Jazakillah-hu-khairan kaseera ✨ sister Areeba.

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