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❓Sir. You’re always encouraging Dawah, which is nice. I want to be involved in Dawah work, but Sir, I am too sinful. I have many bad habits, I am trying to fix my self first and then I can give Dawah. Is that right❓❔

✅ Answer ✅

Ok, it’s noble of you to ADMIT and recognise that there are problems within you. I respect that. So, what are you doing to improve yourself? What strategies? How are you striving to rid yourself of these bad habits? Perhaps you are trying to read more Quran to increase your emaan. Perhaps you are changing your company of friends? Or you are trying all sorts of things to improve yourself..

So why not add calling to Allah swt as a means to improve yourself?!


Dawah to Allah swt, one to one or team related Dawah can also become a means of improving ones heart 🖤 ! Because you are uttering the word *Allah swt * on your tongue..

It’s like One constant dhikr in a way!

You are calling to Allah swt and remembering him, discussing his nature, his beautiful names and attributes. Don’t you think it will impact your own heart⁉️

So no matter how bad you become, no matter how much nifaaq has entered, never abandon the Salah or the Dawah🗣

Never think, “let me sort myself out first.. and then..Dawah..”

When does this “ And then” come?!

What time?



What if it never comes! ⚰️

So add Dawah to your list of strategies of improving yourself, this very Dawah and Salaah/ worship of Allah swt mayb become the means that will get you out of your situation.





#DawahMotivation #NeverStopTheDawah #DawahTillDeath

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  1. subhan Allah .it is amazing .instead of leaving the dawah due to sins we shall use it to improve our selves

  2. Jzk!it is help me a lot because some time I also get this feeling that I should first make my self perfect then I will give dawah but this blog remind me that doing dawah is itself a step to make my self perfect and come close to Allah swt!

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