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When you are trying to convey a point about deep confidence and deep creativity and the participants then give you that nod of approval and understanding, followed by a frantic taking of notes..

Alhumdulillah satisfying…!

Unexpectedly another brother from another city is now also inspired and determined to engage in da’wah and start a small team there! Subhana’Allah.. how Allâh SWT opens doors!!

Alhumdulillah very satisfying…!!

It was A long day with my Bro Naheem Ashraf and by the hard working and Ever so helpful Br Majid, travelling during storm Ciara to Notts and back to Sussex. Long but ultimately satisfying. I pray and make dua and I request that you, the one who reads this… makes Dua that at least some of the people that attended the training today, become regular callers to Allah swt. That they become heroes of the Ummah.. savers of lives in the hereafter by the permission of our Rabb. It may just be.. that these small actions on a windy/ rainy/ stormy Sunday, may save us from punishment in the hereafter and be a means for us to enter the Garden…!

Duas.. sincere Duas also for the Nottingham Islam Information Point team, to grow and build on their amazing for the dawah.

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