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Obsession with possession

Initiating a Dawah conversation with teenagers obsessed with demons and dark fantasies.

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Well, I’m around some teenagers. Roughly 13-17 years of age. They’ve been watching some seasons, movie series and reading fiction novels and also following some blogs and websites online. And they believe in the concept of demons and angels. And they tell each other that “hey you know we all have demons somewhere around, here’s how we contact them”. And then they come up with some abra kadabra. How can I initiate a conversation with them?

Rather than giving straight Dawah about jinn possession  and completely turning them away…

The way I would approach the situation  is:

Collect around 4/5 of the severest of ayah on day of judgement & hellfire.

The severest ahadith on death, day of judgement, hell, and jinns.

The severest tafasir upon these narrations ( to gain more details e.g skin being burnt, the horrible boiling human fluid as a drink and so on)

The most scariest content on jinns.

Content can be taken from Ustadh Tim Humble series on Jinns.

Raja Zia Ul Haq’s Popular workshop: Jinns and Black Magic. I have PowerPoint slides that I could send to you.

Some ayahs or ahadith, when quoted verbatim and on their own without any preceeding ayah or ahadith, when heard for the first time you wouldn’t have a clue whether it’s islamic, religious or whatever e.g “every soul shall TASTE death”

Remove the Arabic wording or religious tone. So you could either paraphrase an ayah or ahadith. For example “they will drink hot boiled …

Once collected, recite to these enthusiasts, hey guys I’ve got some crazy material on demons & other scary content I’ve read and heard, these will freak you out.

So where possible, use what you’ve collected, narrate it as if it’s a story.

Or Jinns can over take you when you are completely lost, height of the music.

For example

There are experienced Raqi’s who have said that often jinn possession takes place for example in a situation where a young student would be in their room, listening to music with deep lyrics, headphones on, loud. Then there’s a crescendo moment when the music completely takes over your mind, you are completely in the zone and lost in another ‘world’, whilst all this is happening you are surrounded by all sorts of demons, converging on your room, awaiting the moment when you have lost all your senses and then jumping into you and possessing you!

Talk about this to give these teenagers a little shock.

If they have have been freaked out a little and shocked..

Say: these are actually true happenings and they will happen soon.

The next level is to say to them you think it’s fun to be possessed or to make contact with demons? Are you sure you want to play with something like this?!!


jinns and black magic by Raja Zia. A blockbuster workshop put together in a way that’s entertaining, authentic and  provokes deep thought about life and purpose.

You have to emphasize the point that making contact is equating to destroying your life.

Making contact and thinking you can use these evil and disgusting rituals will lead to your misery, losing your mind, mental asylum, losing friends, losing your life and making it a complete misery.

Ustadh Tim Humble’s videos have details on this too.

You think this is fun? It’s playing with fire!

And then if you can see they’re a bit freaked, are paying attention and willing to listen. Then you can use the rest of the resource from Br Zia epic workshop: JABM.

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