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ONE TO ONE DAWAH :- Beyond lectures, workshops, talks and events.



Beyond lectures, workshops, talks and events.

One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.

Linda Lambert

“The religion is nasihah.” The people asked, “To whom?” The Prophet  replied, “To Allah and to His Book and to His Messenger and to the leaders of the Muslims and the common folk.”

[Collected by Bukhari and Muslim]

The need for the one to one interaction:

 So I have this habit of asking anyone & everyone this now classic question,

How’s the da’wah? 

The answers are usually this:

  • I am sharing posts daily on FB
  • My insta stories go out twice a day!
  • The isoc is planning new stuff soon
  • We are organising an event soon at our institute Insha’Allah
  • I argued with atheists and Christians in various online groups..
  • I told someone that this is haram/ don’t do that.

Ok, These are rewardable actions and I pray that you earn from this.

But to change the world, to emulate the Sunnah, to make an impact around us we need to add an extremely important armour to our work.

One to one da’wah / naseehah/ conversations.

‘Uncle ji factor’.. .missing

I recall that back in the 90s, in Urban Britain. In a typical British town local shops area, if any young Muslim youth were seen to be smoking or meeting a girl or getting up to no good! Then there was always an uncle ji that had a go at them! Tell them off and then out of shame and respect the youth would avoid doing something like this in public!

Not the best way to enjoin good and forbid evil but at least it was something, But fast forward decades later, where have all those uncles and elders gone?! Now it’s open season in many town centres and cities everywhere, the elders are walking past the youth and not saying anything! Not engaging in even try to give naseehah or advice!

I think this blog was a long time coming. This blog is an appeal to all those involved in all sorts of da’wah projects. Whether they help in arranging courses of all sizes, or one day workshops, lectures, events and seminars.

We have all become event coordinators/ TICKET PROMOTERS

Untitled Design 7

Yes, if there’s an event which will have amazing speakers conduct a workshop or a lecture, we should promote it as much as we can. But what i have noticed is that EVERYONE IS ONLY doing this – sharing posters. What about actual conversations with non muslims or non practising youth? why have we forgotten to open our mouth? Sharing what we know with them.

Dawah everywhere. 

Untitled Design 6

Have the mindset that you will engage in deep meaningful one to one da’wah or naseehah everywhere you go and not wait for the next stall or collective activity.

Keep this up. Continue the great work. But when you are at these events. If you see someone who you may think needs da’wah or naseehah, then approach them.

Introduce yourself! If struggling with what to say or you feel ‘awkward’ then start with a simple- How did you find the event? Any feedback? Then introduce yourself, ask open questions, look genuinely interested in their life just as someone at an interview would be!

Da’wah at all times.

There are times and situations when initiating a dawah conversation may not be appropriate, i get that. Either it was a brief encounter with someone- for instance, at the mall, receptionist, shopkeeper and countless other every day examples. But where the conversation has moved on from niceties, where there’s a situation when you are going to be with this person for a few hours or half a day, perhaps ask them a question. ICE BREAKING da’wah questions have been discussed before, but there’s always usually a situation when an opportunity arises. Seize and build upon this opportunity just as a fisherman would be delighted at finding a huge swathe of fishes whilst sitting patiently for many hours! If you continue doing this, or at least bank this idea in your mind somewhere to create a dawah conversation, for days, weeks and months, you’ll see so many situations open up. Always be on standby for dawah, until your breath on earth.

Where are those people?! 

I had the privilege of being around confident brothers who whenever and wherever we used to go, we engaged in some sort of DA’WAH conversation or gave naseehah. Be it the chicken shop, the guy behind the counter or fellow customers, be it on the underground tube trains, be it at someone’s dinner invite or get together. After some light small talk, always link the discussion to the purpose of life. Always!

I have seen brothers do this a lot in the late 90’s in my town of Crawley & London and then in Islamabad in the past 2010 eras. But not elsewhere, Why is that?

Why not consider the following hadith as an incentive:

The Prophet was also reported to have said: “Whoever hides knowledge by which Allah benefits people in their affairs of religion, Allah will bridle him on the Day of Resurrection with a bridle from the Hellfire.” (Ibn Majah)

Become known as the giver of naseehah 

If you have built your mindset to always think about starting a conversation about the origins of the universe or about the corruption of our hearts then this will lead to a life times habit of engaging in powerful dawah and naseehah. So much so, that people will become to know you as oh..fulan flan..the one who always makes you think? and espouses beautiful naseehah? oh yes, i know him/her.

This should be reputation vision. Be known to always impart beautiful words.

Always call to Allah SWT 

When you die, people remember you not as the Gold medalist student, the one who became a motivational speaker, a scientist an author or even someone who owns a land of land and estate! But better than this, would you not like to be fondly remembered as the dais. If you’re name is Javed, saeed, Muhammad, Saira, Hoda or Janet, be known as Janet?! oh the sister that used to engage in dawah? or Muhammad the brilliant hard working caller to Allah?! That’s the legacy you should leave, the legacy of the saver of lives in the akhirah…with the permission of Allah SWT, The one who always called to Allah

Taxi/ Uber/ Careem.

Untitled Design 9

They are usually very chatty and are always looking for a chat, so spark up something! The “ world is such a mess, the Govt doesn’t care ..” line gets them going. Once you’ve indulged in this topic for a while, bring it back to our own emaan, our graves, Tawheed, our worship, our diseased ridden hearts..

Dinner with guests

Untitled Design 8

During Dinner with the  guests…i mean, think about much silly small talk can one do!? After explaining to Uncle ji, what you’ve studied and how much you earn or to aunty ji, all the marriage related talk, what then? why not through charm and craft, take the conversation to a higher level? literally into the heavens, the universe and lead them towards thinking about the Throne of Allah swt! Above everything!

At Weddings.

Find someone At a wedding and open a profound dawah conversation there. Why not?! what will you lose? will you be thrown out of the wedding because you’ve begun a light hearted chat about man, life and universe?! Of course not, people are always looking for an interesting conversation, so even at a setting like this, they could become inspired.

Funeral: ideal place.

Why not At funerals? Have you not noticed that after the initial ‘duas’ and ‘afsos’ , people resort to worldly talk! When really this is prime time to discuss death and afterlife! The discussion on death, the punishments of the grave is far more beneficial than vain small talk!

Online engagement

Rather than always commenting on various public figures pages and risk becoming an annoying troll, who is always complaining and ranting, why don’t you try engaging people in the inbox? comments debates and arguments are almost totally a waste of time. An online comments battle is akin to two people falling down a deep dark well..and rather than trying to team up and work out how to save themselves from their predicament, they are still arguing viciously! What a tragic waste of time and life!

University/ college/ school.

Untitled Design 5

Ok so you’re not allowed to have an Islamic society or arrange events. Fine.So is that it? The DAWAH stops? No..

Do you not meet and greet fellow students, Do you not talk to each other, Do you not have ‘gup shup’ & communicate, In the corridors, the canteen, at the gates or the lawn?! Of course you do! So now in a subtle manner, espouse beautiful advice and bring about discussion about the purpose of life and discussing existentialist topics.

Recruiting for Allah

Other than always starting a dawah conversation with other humans, you could also add another ‘dawah tool to your ‘armour’. That is to recruit for Allah! What i mean here is that always ask people if they are involved in any kind of dawah project? this gets people curious and then you could excitingly talk to them about iERA, YC..DM perhaps! Everyone could play  role in the dawah. Always be on the lookout for someone with a particular skill that could strengthen our campaign. the campaign of calling people to the worship of Allah, the campaign of saving humanity from the deep burning fire that is raging and waiting for us! There are in this world, headhunters for tech companies and startups, but what about ‘dawah startups’?! There is deep blessings in this work! oUR OBJECTIVE is the pleasure of ALLAH, TO SEEK HIS FACE..but the amazing spin offs and bonuses are that our own life in this world gets a facelift! it will improve! This has happened to me and many others i know! so don’t just call to Allah but encourage calling to Allah! Have a one to one conversation with someone over coffee and present this amazing job, which has nobility in abundance.

Imagine we all did this. The Ummah!

If everyone gave everyone else najeebah, sincere advice, with warmth, intelligence and wisdom, would you not think that perhaps this may lead to removal of corruption within the hearts?! and if that happens, then we may have more principled people in the world. Good, strong upright , just principled men and women, some of whom may become future leaders of countries or CEO’s of multinational companies.

IMG_7258There’s a short video that accompanies this blog. Do have a watch after you’ve read this.

One To Dawah Video

Jzk khayr.

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  1. The ‘becoming an advertisement’ thing is so true. Oftentimes we take the easier route by just inviting people to events etc. While that has its benefits, personal, healthy conversations are so much more important!

  2. Yes this legacy we should leave, and recruiting for Dawah is good idea to have more principled people in the world.

    1. Very beautifully written! This blog really gives me motivation to always engage in one to one dawah no matter where you are. This will really help me alot in engaging myself more in Dawah InshaAllah. JazakAllah for sharing these tips. May Allah give you reward for your efforts. Ameen ✨

  3. May Allah swt accept all the afforts of the whole team of DAWAHMOTIVATION….Ma sha allah so powerful naseeha… May Allah swt grant us to use hikmat for one to one DAWAH…. my favorite 😍💕 One to one DAWAH

  4. MashaAllah. Got so many ideas, really very helpful. Indeed we got so many chances on daily basis for dawah. Already tried many times & will always In shaa Allah🌹🌹
    JazakAllahu khairan Brother🌸

  5. What a beautiful post! mashaAllah.
    A simple and humble way to do dawah is to give naseeha to people with real concern. Unlike the modern ways.
    To seize the opportunity everywhere.
    To leave a beautiful legacy behind.
    Seeking just the face of Allah.
    It gave us many interesting ideas and changed our perspectives too!
    I realized that there is a lot of difference between being a haram police (which sometimes pushes people away from Islam) and being a sincere advisor.
    JazakAllahu khayran katheera.

  6. Subhanallah… I liked this blog a lot…

    Alhamdulilah it clearly portrayed our state as an ummah and how we can enhance it by each doing our bit.. wat i liked the most was the fact that they were practical tips, simple ones… Something each of us can do without actually much effort or resources… All we need to do is care about the state of our ummah to be able to contribute to it… And once we have the niyat, Allah will pave the way for it beautifully…

  7. Masha Allaah amazing blog..
    I genuinely love all your blogs,they provide practical tips, and call for action, and this is yet another one added to the list.In Sha Allaah, will try to make use of every opportunity and make every meeting to people fruitful by engaging in dawah.

  8. Subhan’Allah this blog is so inspiring , you summed up so well . May Allah swt guide us all and I really hope each one of us realize that doing dawah is fard .

  9. Sir i m really impress
    Its is one of the best and briefly explain
    I read this in two days and every time i feels i read this first time….. uncle ji and aunty ji is the interesting🤗
    May Allah accept ur efforts and bless u more energy and wisdom may shower His countless blessings upon you ameen

  10. MA SHA ALLAH sir i m really impressed
    This is one of the best blog
    I read this many times and feels its a beneficial… uncle ji and aunty ji is really interesting and the dawah on weddings its a good idea…..
    Sir May Allah accept ur efforts and-bless you with more wisdom energy and time ameen
    May Allah shower His countless blessings upon you
    Ameen sum ameen

  11. Jazak’Allah o khair!
    So in one line, we should move on from engaging in small talk to engaging in small dawah talk. Perfect!

  12. Jazak’Allah o khair!
    So in one line, we should move on from engaging in small talk to engaging in small dawah talk. Perfect!

  13. Okay, so I must say that I was purposely delaying this blog because I wanted to give it a read once done with my exams but I just randomly clicked this link and thought to read it till the end and hands down, this is the best thing that I have read so far. JazakAllahu khyra for writing it for us. I will be sharing amongst my circle and would try to implement these tips on myself as well ان شاء اللہ

  14. So motivational and practical talk.. and yes we should leave that legacy behind as “caller towards Allah’s Deen”. May Allah accept your efforts bro, ameen.

  15. I really enjoyed reading this post. It gave me alot of motivation. May Allah reward you for your good efforts ameen.

    1. Beautiful article.
      Individual dawah الدعوة الفردية or one to one dawah is very effective and indispensable because it is the tool for tarbiyyah and change. Our scholars used to teach us the steps for one to one dawah.
      1- Ta’arauf get to know the individual who he/she is their condition, level of commitment etc.. you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and you want to build a relationship.
      2-Focusing on Iman which could be clouded/awakening the faith إيقاظ الإيمان
      3-Focusing in helping the individual to commit to Ibadah of Allah if he is good work on Akhlaq through the process of التخلية والتحلية purification and beautification if we can call it.
      4-Focusing on understanding of Islam as a way of life not just only rituals. فهم شمولية الإسلام
      5- Focusing on practice Da’wah and conveying the message to other. وجوب العمل للإسلام

  16. Its my fav blog. Very beautifully written. Sadly, we use to share more posts then actual naseehas (Dawah engagements). May Allah swt give all of us hedayah. Ameen
    JazakAllahu Khyr Br.

  17. Alhumdulilah..
    Amazingly written. It has cover every picture of life going routine and occasions. The most beautiful thing which I love and every time try to do is ‘Do dawah privately’. Sometimes your circle friends or relatives or people whom you care about or your own family members are in hardships, the situations from which they are passing accross are reckless and intolerable, most often your best friends are in situations what they can’t afford to bear. One should always try to take care of people around you first give them every comfort which they require, sometimes your kind words and sentences or reminder you can say may lead their difficulties into sooth. The overwhelming situations may comfort them by your humble, soft and polite words and ultimately that’s lead them to the path of Allah. I preferably used to do these things which just not sooth them and remind them of Allah but also I feel myself light and happy to do for what Allah has sent us to do. Make their strong connections to Allah and in karma your connection would be stronger than before. May Allah guide and bless His mercy upon all. ❤❤

  18. Maa’shaa Allah ! Really enjoyed a lot while reading this blog , Its amazing. Wherever we go , we should not leave dawah at all. Beautifully written tips for dawah. Jazak Allah
    Allah SWT give us strength and courage to always recruit people towards Him. Ameen

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