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Over the Pennines and back again

I was given the privilege of conducting 2 separate mini Dawah missions over the weekend.

On the Saturday I made my way to Manchester Metropolitan University by train. These train journeys by yourself and really good for pondering & reflecting. Especially when over looking large vast of fields of the many shires we went through. One particular thought that struck me that we are always going to be alone no matter what. In the grave, when facing judgement on the day of reckoning. So even on earth, we should embrace this lonesome factor. This helped me to over come the slight discomfort of going to these Universities or cities alone. In Islamabad I was always used to the a small group of brothers when going on various Dawah missions. It was a joy to enjoy the brotherhood & the company. But in the U.K. the dynamics are different for various reasons. So I am beginning to get my head round solo missions! It does contribute towards your development as a human being.

Alhumdulilah, around 15 participants came to the Dawah Training. This was my longest one I conducted, so needless to say I was exhausted by the end of it!

We discussed all sorts from motivation to how to articulate in a simple logical manner the Existence Of God, Revelation & Prophethood.

One emphasis was on being confident as everyone seemed to be reluctant when it comes to initiation. So towards the end I focussed on this. Through my own experiences and anecdotes I tried to convey that there’s nothing to be fearful and Dawah is actually very easy!

The train journey from Manchester to Loughborough wasn’t a pleasant one! Jam packed, no seats. We were supposedly travelling through the valleys of the Pennines. But it was dark outside so no views to behold and wonder!

Reached my hotel around 10.30pm and now looking forward to the exhibition/Visit my mosque event at the Shah Jalal Masjid, Loughborough!

The following day the small local Muslim community of Loughborough organised the Visit My Mosque day and Jesus Exhibition wonderfully. This is such a nice small town and the Muslims are very friendly and it wasn’t then surprising that through the day, many groups of Non Muslims including couples, families with small children,the elderly kept coming. It either shows amazing local marketing done or simple that the local people in this part of the world are generally nice and friendly. So I was pleasantly very surprised at the cohesion of the few individuals who put this day together and they plan to use the iERA materials to organise further Dawah efforts.

A mini brief Dawah Training session was conducted & in this session Nadeem Ashraf gave encouragement to the local Muslims. He explained that they should see the amazing turn out throughout the day as a sign that local Non Muslims would be up for a chat! And they should consider street Dawah or other forms of Dawah ,To keep the momentum going.

A positive day for the people of Leicestershire & the U.K. In general. Alhumdulillah

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  1. The most motivatioal thing for me is ….
    Giving dawah Alone is nothing to be fearfull and dawah is actually very easy
    … ❤❤
    As we are always going to be alone no matter what, in the Grave ,when facing judgment on the day of reckoning , so. Even on the earth we sould learn to face this lonsome factor ….. 😊
    And surely this is rely going to overcome the slight discomfort during my incoming first dawah at home ….

  2. ””we are always going to be alone no matter what. In the grave, when facing judgement on the day of reckoning”’

    JazakAllah for sharing, these blogs are masterpiece.

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