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My brother asked me to give a small reminder at this Football tournament he organises. This is the Annual Salaam Cup, held at our local town of Crawley, Sussex. U.K. .

If I’m honest, deep down, I really didn’t want to do it for several reasons:

– I’m a da’wah trainer and not a natural speaker. This is definitely not the setting for me, out of my comfort zone.

– Never done this before. Raw standing in the open, to a hundred odd guys/ footballers and addressing them

– The crowd was mixed, Muslims and Non Muslims. So do I address the Muslim youth or the Non Muslims?! This creates unease within me.

– It’s going to rain heavily, we are all going to get wet! 🙁

– They don’t really want to listen to a 40 + year old unfit guy, they just want to get on with it surely.

– Too short notice, need more time to prepare

– It’s Crawley! This town is dead! Is there any point?! Will they actually listen!!

And so on..!!

So to counter this, what did I do? What would anyone do?

Turn to Allah swt. Make a small private Du’a, consult with him!

After doing this, I felt sakeenah, Alhumdulilah. Then positive thoughts and inspiration came to me. Now I was thinking along the lines:

  • So what if they don’t listen, we merely convey
  • Results are in the hands of Allah
  • It’s not always about convincing them! It’s just conveying the message of Islam to the best of your ability!
  • So what if the words are jumbled up, so what if a few phrases didn’t make sense, who cares if they understood every word

So these were positive affirmations for me and a great reminder that we just need to convey the message. We just need to say the word ALLAH, he is ONE, he needs to be worshipped, reminder of death and so on. It’s times like these when you think, if I skipped this or made some excuse not to do it, then what if….

What if this was the deed, the action…

That gets me into Jannah! And I didn’t do it!

The regret would have been eternally devastating.

Alhumdulilah, I went ahead with it. Spoke around 8 minutes & the feeling after calling people to Allah swt is immense! Yes I felt I could have improved it in so many ways.. but the biggest success for me is actually doing it! 😎

So the take home message, never skip an opportunity to engage in da’wah. The actions that are the most uncomfortable, the most awkward, the most strange to you and you simple ‘didn’t feel like it’ … are the ones that count the most!

This powerful ayah sums it up for me.

….We have told you about some messengers previously, while others We have not told you about. And Allah has spoken His word directly to Moses. (These) were messengers sent to bring good news and to give warning, so that men may have no *argument* against Allah once these messengers (had come). Allah is Almighty Wise”.

(Quran: An- Nisaa: 4:163-165)

For those who’d like to watch the video.

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  1. Subhan Allah, such an inspiring read. May Allah swt reward you Ameen.
    I got an amazing point that we shouldn’t miss any Dawah opportunity !

  2. We must not miss a single opportunity to convey the message of Allah swt.if we sincerely intent to work for God in our lives then God himself chooses us for his path and then he give us many opportunities in our lives.and we should use each and every opportunity to convey the message of Allah swt.sometimes in our lives there are some occasions where we face different people with different minds and we have to communicate with them but sometimes it is going out of our comfort zone,and then we start feel like we can’t do anything!but here we must remember our purpose!that we have to use this opportunity not for our fame and prestige,but for the sake of Allah swt.
    Honour and disgrace are in the hands of Allah swt,because when we face such situations,instead of thinking that we have to use this opportunity for the sake of Allah we strat to think about how and what to say so that I can impress people through my speech!,we start thinking about ourself esteem,and in such state we forget that everything’s is in the hands of Allah.
    So we shouldn’t care what people going to think,becoz it’s doesn’t matter what world thinks of you becoz if you want to do something for Allah then you have to remember that your reward is only from Allah,not from the people of this world so we should not care about this world.our job is only to convey the message of Alalh swt to others no matter how you do it because your pure intension is enough for Allah in the hereaftet Allah will reward you twice for every good deeds of yours.! May Allah guide all of us Ameen!

  3. (((Turn to Allah swt. Make a small private Du’a, consult with him!

    After doing this, I felt sakeenah, Alhumdulilah. Then positive thoughts and inspiration came to me. ))
    SubhanAllah loved this part. Dua is a weapon of a believer, this thing always works subhanAllah! Also loved the take home message in the end.

    Very very powerful blog.
    God bless you 🤲🥰

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