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Question❔ / Discussion🎙

How would you begin a profound conversation with someone random?

📌 On the streets❔

📌 At a shopping mall/ Market ❔

📌 At your institute❔

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Peace be upon you, Mate . . . How’re you doin’ today?

    May I have a word you? It would revolve around a moment and then you can get back to your busy schedule . . . 🌷

    I would start in this way . . . . . . . How about you? And guide us more beneficial tips please for being extra productive in communication level understanding . . . =]

      1. Then what about, “Yo, Mate!” . . . “Got a minute there, eh !?” or be like “Are you looking for a spiritual remedy? Here’s a copy of Qur’aan, mate.” and we can use “Let’s chat!”, etc tactics like the ones you shared in one of your videos for Street Da’wah . . . In some way, you need to attract them . . If not all then some, few or at least ONE! =]

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