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Ramadan Progress in Multan

A sister in a Southern punjab city of Pakistan had recently taken some training from myself and read my blogs and watched the videos to gain motivation and ideas and in less than a couple of months had this to share. It was so good, i decided to blog this to inspire others around the world. Make dua that this the beginning of effective, creative dawah in this region and duas for the young sister, who has begun this all on her own, Allahumabrik



Ramadan Progress:
Alhamdulila this Ramdan was much better than the Ramdan I spent in my life previously, reason is improved connection with Allah and Quran.
Directions I received from your side was very helpful and ideas taken from DM group, YC, IERA fb reinforced me to start Dawah work Alhamdulila,  I did following things in this Ramdan that I never did before  Alhamdulila:
-Family: I had 3 video sessions (Color me Happy, Qabool hy and beyond, Khana khud pka lo-feminism) with my family, Alhamdulila it was an awesome experience, we had discussion after session, in 1st session I missed 2 members, and in 2nd and 3rd session I missed 3 member. Overall it was very productive; I felt major changes in behavior, thinking and actions of family members, Alhamdulila. I will do continue this in future In Shaa Allah. Alhamdulila now it’s easy to discuss about Islam with them.
-One to One Discussion with friends:
I had one to one meetings with two friends separately, with one friend I discussed that how we pick and choose when it comes to religion; we only follow part of the religion which is part of our culture and skip others, and explained importance of Dawah and invited her to join me, Alhamdulila she agreed to volunteer. Second meeting was with sister Zahra, last time I talked about her with you, she is from Alnoor, Alhamdulila she was also agree to volunteer.
Alhamdulila I had 3 Circle:
I invited my 2 friends on Iftar at home, I’m more comfortable with one to one discussions but it was fine not good as I wanted. We discussed importance of Quran in our lives. They shared their life issues and problems i.e. they both were upset due to relatives behavior because they are only girls in family who are studying and doing jobs. At a certain point in discussion I felt they have too much to speak and even they are not listening me just sharing problems and don’t need solution, Time was short we wind up, but from your blog I got Tips that we can give them polite reminder to stop speaking and listen, and I followed this In next session.
Second was with Family Friends and we discussed about improving concentration in Salah. Alhamdulila that was a good session, Discussion with more than 2 people helped me to identify my strengths and weakness and its very good because I started learning and reading things more deeply and in detail.
Third was organized yesterday with Colleges and their friends I invited 6-7 sisters on iftar, also give them hint that we are going to make this gathering productive through discussing a topic “how to make life productive, and why it’s necessary to make our lives productive”. And, on spot some sisters requested to postpone session due to some urgent work, but I continue with rest of 4 sisters, Alhamdulila that was very productive session. Sisters have many misconceptions about Islam Alhamdulila all questions were answered by me and at end they were ready to have this kind of gathering again.

-Dawah through Mobile:
Daily I try to contact 1-2 sisters, get close to them, listen and solve their issues, and try to convey the call.
I talked to one sister, we had 4-6 time talk she was depressed due to some family issues and somewhere her Eman on Allah Subhan Wa Ta’la was getting week. She had asked lot of questions i.e. if Allah loves us why give us hardships? If Allah is Al-Qadir then why HE make us to wait and don’t answer our prayers? Children are innocent then why they become sick? Why we don’t get what we want? And many more… I answered her questions with reference of Quran and hadith, Alhamdulila she got things clear and relaxed but she had more questions than from group I got flipping question tip and this time I asked her a question that what’s is our purpose of life.. She don’t know about it Alhamdulila I explained it and I hope she had got direction.
I had talk with another sister who was upset due to her workplace environment and similarly, another sister was upset due to behavior of her college friends, I approached her as she is non-practicing I am trying to get closer to her so I can convey her the message.
-Research Work:
Before Ramdan I study fb pages of YC and IERA, In Ramdan I tried watching some videos. In Shaa Allah after Ramdan I will try to spend 30-60 mints daily on this as I found this a good way for quick learning.
-Post Ramdan Plans:
I’m planning to have weekly get-together on regular basis and at least one event in school or college or university. And also planning a video session with some friends. I will try to make Eid gathering productive kindly do share something to do this. Also recommend some more videos as you recommended last time.
Next time, I will try to share my weekly plan with you so you can guide me in better way In Shaa Allah. Kindly guide me if I have done anything in wrong way in this month.
Jazak Allah Khair



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