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Last few weeks has been a very busy time for sisters. These sisters have been undertaking training to become effective and active in the dawah. Multan, Lahore, Karachi and beyond, have a read in their own words what’s been happening.

Let this inspire you to get involved!



Nasseha session by sister hira in her ward


Alhamdulillah I arranged a small naseeha session in my Ward class. 

I started asking my class question like what you people think is the main problem of youth these days etc 

It was overall good Alhamdulillah. 

Youth wants to learn 




Sister Saba btt begn er YC alaqahs with promotional spport of DM Lahore


When life comes up with a new challenge for you, what do you do?

Do you close yourself in a tower, and wait for your knight in shining armour to come and rescue you?

Or do you with the help of ALLAH, build yourself an armour and a sword, and rescue yourself?

Well, girl up! Now, it’s time to polish that Armor of yours, or build yourself a new one, to move out and face life head-on!

In this course “Polish My Armour” you will be trained to fight the following monsters:

Lack of confidence
Temptations and desires
Weak communication skills
And more!

How can someone ignore the ultimate purpose of life for which mankind was created ?
How can someone feel depressed when we know that Allah has blessed us with the ability to make dua?

Are there any problems left in your life after knowing that Allah is your lord?

Self love should lead you towards the divine love , towards the one who created you 






Mall dawah by Aqsa Altaf

I have experienced an amazing mall dawah last week I motivated one of my friend to join me in this activity, she joined me with one more girl then all three of us went to mall, offered Magrib Salah and then discussed our plan. We went in food court then for all the arrangements (like set some cards n all). we saw a non hijabi sister sitting with her mother, I asked her to join us as we are celebrating sisters day and having an interesting activity, she was amazed and agreed! After a little introduction we asked her to pick one card and read the message inside. We had written some short and heart whelming verses in those cards. Then we discussed that ayah and purpose of life, we exchanged contact numbers, and we also asked her to share any life lesson with us! At last she said it was nice meeting,similarly we had conversation with two other sisters who were there with their mothers. We had another conversation with a sister, she was sitting alone, waiting for someone, she asked us about our activity very curiously, I asked her as well to join us in our fun activity! After discussion we gifted her hijab pins, we were happy and she said she always wanted to have hijab but was reluctant but now she will do. Alhamdulilah it was very pleasant experience. We will go again Insha’Allah! Do you have any outdoor Dawah experience to share with us?


Get together at Sister aqsa’s place



Last weekend, we  had gathered at sister Aqsa’s place and had watched a video session together on the topic of, ‘Color Me Happy’ by Raja Zia ul Haq.

The experience was quite amazing as we were able to meet a few new sisters. We spent some quality time together and it was a productive Sunday for us. 

In sha Allah we will be continuing the same sessions in future as well and will add some interesting and creative activities in future.



Halaqah preparations by Lahore sisters


Dawah training by Farha javed



Dawah week by multan team

We Multan team are planning *Dawah week* in last week of December.
We want all DM to do the same. (If you can)
Here is plan for the week, please let me know how we can improve it further:

Day 1st : Family dawah
Day 2nd: One to one dawah (to any non practicing friend)
Day 3rd: Mall dawah
4th: Online dawah (call any two non practicing friends)
5th: Ladies park dawah
6th: Office or any institute dawah or Dawah to group of people at home
7th: invite any relative or neighbor and give dawah (casual meetup)



Dawah week Day 1


We multan team are celebrating Dawah week and Yesterday was first day of Dawah week.
Plan was to give Dawah to your family in any way, either talk to them directly for 10-15 minutes, or play a video , or give gift with some reminder or even message them powerful reminder.


Dawah week Day 2:




Today, it was 2nd day of Dawah week, theme was one-to-one Da’wah with a non practicing friend.
I invited one of my friends to a cafe, we had dinner together and I discussed with her the purpose of life in light of Surah Asar. We had fun and good time together. In end, I gifted her chocolate.

Irum had a quick chat with one of her acquaintances.
Zar talked to a friend on phone.
Fabiha had a conversation with one stranger in waiting area of a place. She talked about dawah, importance of acquiring knowledge of deen, and how Allah puts barakah and ease in life when one starts stepping towards Him.

Alhamdulillah it was a beautiful day 🌸




Dawah week day 3

Our today’s task is to utilize the technology that we are using in some productive work. Try calling a friend or two (preferably with whom you haven’t been in touch since ages) and try to have a casual conversation.
Talk about their life, how they are doing, and let them know that if they ever need help then you will always be there. Bring your connections to life today and if possible then talk about Allah, His Oneness, and His attributes as well.




Day 5


It was day 5th of Dawah week. Idea was to do random Dawah with anyone you like to do.
I had pleasant indirect Dawah experience at office, I gifted a book to my colleague and had casual discussion on life. It was good.
Sister Zahra went to her institute, And had a great Interaction with a fellow
She told her about DM upcoming live and, She showed her great interest.
And said she will definitely join live,

Yesterday was relative/ neighbour Dawah day, I had a good talk with my cousin on WhatsApp message and sister zahra had an amazing conversation with her cousin on call.
And Irum talked to her classmate and decided to have a meetup next week.





Today, we wrapped up our one week of Dawah where we tried doing multiple activities. From dawah to family to dawah to friends and neighbors, we ended this week by having a gathering at my place with the intention of random dawah with random people. 

Although the gathering wasn’t big enough, however, interestingly enough, we met two new faces in this gathering and both of them showed great interest in our work that we are doing. 

Our discussion mainly revolved around the activities that we did in the past year and what we aim to do in the next year in sha Allah!

Other than that, all of us shared our stories and the importance of Deen in today’s era. 

Alhamdulilah, as we had expected, we ended this year and the Dawah Week on a very good note. 

Hoping to start afresh from 2020 with some refined and more organized plans and activities 




Multan team January meetup


we had a meet up which was more of a treat from Aqsa’s side. BarakAllah feek, Aqsa. 


So this meet up was for core team members where we had to decide what we are going to do in the next couple of months in particular and in the entire year in general. Though, it was a private meet up session but we invited another new sister as well who came along with her friend and both of them showed great interest in what we are doing. We expect that they will become a part of our team as well in sha Allah. 

So, we started off by deciding a tagline for this year’s theme around which we will revolve our sessions and workshops in sha Allah

Tagline: We rise by uplifting others 

Other than that we have decided to have a two or three days workshop before Ramadan for general people. And to create our presence on social media by creating a separate Facebook page and group along with Instagram account etc. 

We also designated roles of each team member where Aqsa is going to lead us as a Head of the team with Zahra being the Team Coordinator of all our events, courses, sessions, and meet up plans. Hania is going to take charge of our social media accounts as a Social Media Manager in sha Allah and will handle it along with Zahra and Irum (that’s me) will be doing all the tasks related to writing as a Content Writer/Creator. Kiran will be helping us with small tasks like video editing etc. 

We have also discussed a few things about recruitment process, rules and regulations, code of conduct for all core team members, training programs for new ones etc. May Allah allow us to implement it. Aameen

This is a short update on what we did today. 

PS: Can you see these mugs in the picture? Aqsa gave these to us as a gift. Zahra and I were having the feeling of like getting an award. Like those celebrities who get it in their award shows. Like seriously, it’s like seeing DM in its physical form and it was such an exhilarating feeling





Karachi campus dawah by Aisha tariq and fahila iqbal





Assalamo alaikum DM members! Hope you all are doing well:) 
Today me, Fahila and our 2 other friends( we are giving them dawah training) went for campus dawah (at karachi University)… I must say one word cards (words like: soul, love, God) helps alot to start the conversation! We told them that we are here for some fun activity and instead sitting on the table we individually went to different groups or couples… we were easy and excited with a smiley face and did it with humor and fun (this technique made us and other people comfortable).. then gifts played bonus part, gifts of one hadith card and chocolates made them even more excited and happy.
It was an awesome experience, can’t tell our happiness in words… world’s best work is the work purely for Allah(swt) 
Jzk team DM 



We helped sister Fatima Ashraf to Launch YC Halaqah in Faislabad 

So it was first day of our halaqah and it went very good Alhamdulillah. I got very good feedback specially addition of guest speaker made it more amazing Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah after duas of one year Allah gave me a chance, yes it was not what i wanted(non-hijabi sisters was my target but all were hijabi) but I believe that these are steps to that ideal halaqah In Sha Allah Keep me in your prayers and my grandmother too as she is very ill.



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