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So Leicester was a funny trip!

So Leicester has been a funny one…

In Madārij us-SālikīnIbn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (raḥimahu Allāhu) notes:

‘The condition of the one who relies on Allāh is like the condition of the one who is given a dirham by a King, then it gets stolen from him; so the King says to him: “I have many times as much as that, so don’t worry. When you come to me, I will give you from my treasures much more than that.” Thus if (this person) knows the truthfulness of the king’s statement, and trusts him, and knows that his treasures are full of that, then what he missed will not make him sad.’

I came here last year a couple of times & had good sessions but because I couldn’t travel to this city.. the WhatsApp Group Just died.. people were leaving and it seemed inevitable maybe that I’d have to give up on this group/ city..

But I was inspired to try one last time.. one last hoorah! So on a gloomy rainy summers day, I travelled up to Leics by train.7 hours plus journey there and back.

I was apprehensive. Questions such as how many would turn up to this meet up/ training? The main 2 people dropped out last minute … wasn’t much response from the group. I was thinking well I’ll perhaps do a small session & just get it over and done with.

But Subhan’Allah.. my mood on the return journey was the complete opposite! I’m feeling so positive and full of energy! The response was amazing! The enthusiasm to get involved, to organise future sessions and activities was brilliant.

When you over come your reluctance, go in the way of Allah and trust him, he opens the doors & ways!

So of the many plus points and Qadr Allah points:

-An Aunty attended the session. She happened to know YC very well. She has even done street da’wah in Islamabad and U.K.! 😲😅. She has so much energy and zeal and is more than eager to establish YC in Leics and beyond! What’s crazy is My mum and I met this Aunty in Islamabad at a wedding a few years ago!

We were introduced via a YC Sister! She also has links with Crawley! Subhan’Allah.

-Shiekh Ismail Gave us permission to use his AlBayaan arabic Institute. It was the perfect setting for our training! Before we were going to cafes! And now have a place with facilities galore!

⁃ willingness to engage in street dawahesque activities. This is a rarity!

And more!

Watch this space.

What I learnt from today’s experience was to always trust Allah’s plan & don’t be too quick to dismiss a da’wah trip or a team.

‘And He will provide him from [sources] he could never imagine. And whoever puts their trust in Allāh, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allāh will accomplish His purpose. Indeed, Allāh has set a measure for all things.’[1]

Al-Qur’ān, 65:3.

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  1. Inspiring Subhan’Allah 😍
    We really get disappointed too quick rather we should trust Allah completely when we are relying on him !

  2. Subhan Allaah this has really motivated me..Jazakallaahu khair for reminder through such a beautiful post 🙂

  3. Alhamdulillah! Indeed Allah does open doors for those who trust Him and make an effort regardless of the apparent lack of favorable circumstances . Eager to hear more about your interactions and experiences in this city. But i am curious though was the behavior of the people different in this city are they more welcoming, engaging ?

    1. I’m in to team building & mentoring these days. Sowing the seeds.. I’m like a salesman .. trying the hard sell of ‘dawah’ ! 😅.

      The people of Leicester city are potentially going to be good in terms of response. There’s a good vibe in the city centre.

      So, welcoming/engaging? Let’s see.. watch this space.. Insha’Allah

  4. I read Alchemist by Paulo Coelho few years back. I would like quote the most renown line from it; “When you want something with all your heart, the whole world conspires you to get it”. The trust you place in Allah and how he made the whole world conspires you to fulfill your part in this missio is just SubhanAllah 🙂

  5. Love aunty ji ko energy Allah chooses to guide whome he wills may we be among the chosen ones ameen
    Mashallah brother nadeem inspirational story

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