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Southampton Dawah Training. March 2020

Southampton Dawah training

In 1912, the Titanic set sail on its doomed voyage. It was to be the marvel of the time. So much confidence was given to this man made machine that people said:

“Not even God can sink the titanic”.

This in so many ways is an extremely irrational and arrogant claim and God showed how powerful and all knowing he is when he decreed the sinking of this ship.

And so over a 110 years later, in the same city of Southampton where the Titanic was launched, a programme was arranged to discuss the ways of calling to God. In other words a Dawah training workshop was held at Southampton University.

As I drove from my town of Crawley towards Southampton, I was again Awe struck by the hills and other natural features of Surrey & Hampshire. Again, just like my previous trip to Portsmouth, I didn’t need any ‘entertainment’ but enjoyed the escapism that Dawah trips bring you.

Brothers and sisters, you need to experience this feeling! This feeling of travelling to either deliver Dawah training, or engaging in a Dawah activity. It’s a wonderful feeling. You are on the path of Allah. The same path that the best of mankind trod on many centuries ago. The path that the previous prophets, our noble messenger and the companions undertook all those thousands upon thousands of years ago! Epic feeling Subhan’Allah..

So I was honoured by my Lord SWT and on behalf of the wonderful brothers of iERA to speak to the students and possibly inspire, motivate and train them in effective engagement with the locals.

The dawah training covered themes such as the fitrah, the ‘keys’ to unlock the fitrah, Rational arguments and Oneness of God.

One feature of the training was the discussion on the Oneness of God. There is a Pseudo philosophical way of presenting this. This revolves around the discussion of:

• The argument from exclusion;

• Conceptual differentiation;

• Occam’s razor.

If anyone wants to know, I can explain this in the comments. It’s good to have a knowledge about this & more importantly express this way in a calm manner.

The brothers who asked this wanted a refutation based answer to the Question of why can’t we have more than One God? What’s wrong with it and so on.

But I insisted that we need to present tawheed more. In a detailed and profound way. Worshiping One God is far more intuitive & spiritual. It’s best to compare the beliefs and offer them an alternative as opposed to trying to refute their version of God.

This will take time. We are so used to arguing, mocking and refuting that’s we’ve forgotten or lost confidence in talking about Allah, about his infinite mercy and love, his power and glory. The way the texts have described his nature. The way our amazing scholars have described God.

This needs to be at the forefront of our dawah conversations.

After the training was over, some students approached me about being involved in da’wah projects. Not just at the University but beyond it. Most of these were sisters from different towns & cities around the U.K. this was encouraging because I am always on the look out for young people to be involved and especially sisters. I could connect them to the member of other cities and towns that I am working on and maybe even start something new and fresh. I always imagine that if I can inspire by the will of Allah swt a new person to build a team in a new location, then all the work they do for the next few years, I gain the reward. This keeps me motivated. Alhumdulilah.

2/3 sisters have contacted from various cities. Let’s see how this pans out.


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