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SSS . The Shifa Student Society

As a british born Muslim/ Pakistani. I shared the overwhelming opinions of Pakistanis who live abroad that every time when we visit Pakistan we only come across those guys that either want to rip you off or look upon you in a jealous manner or only want to talk about the UK lifestyle . So naturally when we shared notes , we have opinions like ” oh people in Pakistan are so dodgy , cant trust them, be careful, watch out , all a bunch of greedy crooks etc etc ”
I along with many of my peers held this view about Pakistan & Pakistanis..that no genuine or distinguished , decent people exist!
But subhanallah, after being introduced to the brothers of the student Shifa society about a year ago my opinion has Completely changed!
I have met with & become good friends with ex & current members of SSS. probably the most genuinely sincere , educated & open minded guys in Islamabad! I have shared my opinion with many of my friends back in the UK. That there is hope among the youth. SSS are creating a legacy in that ex students of Shifa go on to become active members of society & bring about positive changes to society around them.
Sincere, cool , dedicated, educated , intelligent & dynamic Mashallah .

Nadeem Ashraf

(CELTA) qualified English Language teacher
Currently teaching at the British High Commission.

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