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The 9-day iERA intensive dawah training.

The nine days from the 21st July to 29th July, 2017 in the iERA classroom, Wembley were such that I can not wait to share. This altogether was an exhilarating experience for me. The intensive Dawah training set my brain on an amazing journey . Numerous thoughts were unlocked within my mind and I had many psychological breakthroughs!

Here are some thoughts that i’d like to share with the world.

I survived around 60 odd hours of intense study in the space of one week! This means I can now potentially study other subjects, Insha’Allah!

  1. I’ve learnt that one has to physically and mentally exhaust themselves to really appreciate the studies that we do. Once you get tired, you’ve got to keep pushing yourself. An especially helpful feature here comes with the learning about the divine; the lack of sleep and general lack of energy gets blown away by the love and wisdom that Islamic thought contains!

  2. I think this course is probably one of the best courses in the world today for many reasons; the brothers involved are probably some of the best brothers right now. We are in the business of  empowering others; who will then go on to train other brothers and sisters to call people to Allah, remove misconceptions and become leaders in the Dawah. I too plan to teach the amazing content that I have  learnt!

  3. I highly recommend everybody to equip themselves with this amazing tool that Ustadh Hamza and others have put together, whether you get an opportunity to learn online or face to face from someone. You can learn this content from YouTube, the iERA website or

  4. I personally had these fears related to coping with an 8-9 hours of studying daily for 9 days! Very heavy subjects including Philosophy, Logic, Science, Terminology and Definitions etc. So someone like me, at my age, who hasn’t  studied in depth for a very long time and was always a below average student during their formal studies, I had these doubts. I think the last time I studied properly was at Islamic University for the Arabic course in 2011, but even then that was just 3 months and 2 days a week and it was a language. So I had a fear of these 9 days and so only by the Mercy of Allah, through His Blessings, Help and Barakah did I survive.

  5. Many times When I was sitting in the classroom, among the brothers, there was a sakeenah that descended upon the classroom, there was a sense of  peace Subhan’Allah, because I was among the righteous, sincere and hardworking brothers. I was discussing and talking to them about Allah.We were discussing about how to bring people towards the worship of Allah. It was an amazing feeling. The peak of this emotional outpouring was when Ustadh Hamza did the session; “Why worship God?” He spoke so passionately about how grateful we should be! It was so beautiful that straight after the session I ran up to Hamza and gave him a hug!

  6. The only thing slightly negative, that I can think of is, that it brought back an  insecurity between me and studies.  The thoughts in my head were along these lines for example; I’m a certain age, there are other students that are sharper, and there are younger students who read and study day and night, whereas, I’m so busy with all these Dawah projects, that I don’t get as much time to study. So there was that insecure feeling that I would struggle to keep up and that I might get left behind! The thought came, but Alhamdulillah I fought through it and even that didn’t stop me from continuing the classes.

  7. If someone like me; who has been through a lot of emotional turmoil e.g. leaving Pakistan (which was heaven for me) and returning to the UK, having gone through a pseudo-depression, with these feelings and emotions still swirling inside, can get through this course, then I think anybody can! If you need motivation to change the world and to save people from being in trouble in the hereafter, then you need to learn this course and convey it, because, it is beautifully structured, it is deep, it’s empowering, it’s inspiring, it’s amazing! Masha’Allah.

  8. I want everyone to make sincere du’as, constant du’as for Br Hamza, Br Imran, Br Suboor, Br Salahuddin, Br Fahad and others, but especially Br Hamza because he really is (I might be slightly exaggerating, but I’m doing it for the sake of respect and inspiring) Masha’Allah a proof of Islam in this day and age. What I mean here is that only ISLAM can produce these kinds of teachers and duaat! His commitment to knowledge and Dawah is extremely inspiring. Masha’Allah! Tabarak’Allah! I want everyone to be proud of this brother and make du’a for him constantly, that, Allah protect and preserve him .

  9. This course also reinforces the fact, that, we had an amazing intellectual scholarship; amazing giants of the past which remind you of how Islam can elevate a human mind to such a depth, to such a profound level. Masha’Allah! The Salaf, and scholars like Al Ghazali, Ibn Taymiyyah and others. How they spoke about  Philosophy, The Mind, Science, and Human Behavior, is absolutely amazing Masha’Allah!

  10. If applied correctly, courses like these can empower the daee to an extremely high level. The constant focus on awakening the truth within us really is a bit of a game changer for all duaat. Recently the phenomenon has been to refute non-Islam and rely heavily on rational arguments, but as we learnt and discussed, we could use all sorts of means to awaken the fitrah instead.

  11. Finally I feel excited for the coming months & years. My excitement is based upon the fact that new talented duaat in the USA and elsewhere will be running high level workshops and teaching this content to others.


May Allah SWT accept our learning, strengthen us in our Dawah and keep our hearts fully sincere for his call.

Jazak Allah khayr.

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