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Al wala wal baraa
Government scholar
Muslim world

In this day and age there are many populars dua’t , scholars, preachers. Some are house hold names. They give amazing speeches and are experts in many traditional sciences of Islam. They are quoted often 

online and are the Islamic version of celebrities.
But sometimes these famous scholars or very high level students of knowledge come out with statements which make you think and at times are dangerous.
Coming from the West and the UK, a raging debate has been taking place for the last 10/15 years or so. The debate and discussion centres around such issues as:
‘do we talk about the affairs of the Muslims’
‘do we support Muslims in another country , abroad who are oppressed when we have our issues in the UK/USA
‘nationalism/allegiance to the country of your residence as opposed to the Muslim Ummah or both’
‘Compromising on many issues of the shariah because of ‘ we can’t help it, we are stuck ‘ making deals etc’
Allegiance to the government no matter what they are.

So these are some of the discussions that people are measuring scholars/speakers by today. I will not go into each discussion because they are book worthy discussion in themselves! But as young Muslims who want to learn we have to be careful as to where we take our knowledge from. We have to research and study the above subjects and stick v strictly to the Quran and sunnah and how the classical scholars have explained the ayaat and hadith and general ahkaam.
I have said the above comments in a very brief manner, main reason being is to get people thinking. 
If you study the lives of the famous scholars of the past, you will see time and time again how scholars refused to work with the then government of the day even if it was thought to be an ‘ Islamic state’ . 
(Makes you wonder about modern day Muslim states!)
They used to shun the advances of working with the government for many reasons including keeping away from show and pomp. Keep away from luxuries/materialism. Keep their intentions clean.
Opposing the government policies of the day including the luxurious living and hoarding of the wealth of the khaleefah and mainly principles of Islam which they will not compromise on at any cost!
Scholars like Izz abdus salaam, Ibn taymiyyah, Abu Hanifah, Ahmed Ibn Hanbal and many many other examples of true courageous scholars who would rather suffer than compromise and spent a lot of time in prison…
Yes Prison..think about how many scholars are in prison or spent time in prison. Maybe that can be a modern measurement of TRUE scholars..
Some points to consider ikhwan. Yes the above are my opinions but..
Discuss! Ponder! 

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