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The vast majority of us are, deep down when you think about it :
What I mean is most of us are always looking for things to make our life easier. We work & boy are we good at working , so that we could earn a decent wage so that we could buy nice food clothing etc .
We study hard so that we gain the best marks so that people would praise you & your family will be proud of you. It’s a nice feeling!
We spend time with the company of good friends because it feels nice. Brings peace to the heart.
What else beings us peace to the heart ?
We take the car or other modes of transport to study or work because it’s easier or in other words feels good.
We find the ‘best spouse ‘ for marriage because it feels good.
Those that are married know the blissful emotions they experience in a marriage.
We attend weddings because it’s a joyous occasion , it feels good!
Those into football know the joy when a footballer scores an outrageously skilful goal or a bowler in the game of cricket clean bowls a batsman or even when your team wins! That buzzzzz is immense .
When going on holiday to a serene & picturesque location. It’s a very nice feeling inhaling the naturally beautiful surroundings .
That amazing feeling when the exams are over! That feeling when you have finally completed your studies! the burden off the shoulders! Phew!
Even when we do a charitable act, we feel good because we’ve done a good deed!
So when you think about it & break down a typical modern life of a human. It comes down to always trying to feel good. Inner peace. Feel good factor. Gaining those little buzzes . I’m sure whilst reading this you can think of countless other emotions & experiences where you felt complete joy. But if you think about it carefully, its always a temporal buzz. Never eternally lasting. So how can we make that joyful feeling last forever ?

The ultimate Buzz-
So these wonderful amazing feelings that we experience. The joy , the wonder. That I have mentioned above , imagine all of them in one gigantic experience. One massive buzz!
Now imagine or try to imagine being close, upfront & personal with the CREATOR of all these buzzing feelings….

….Surely that’s the ultimate buzz!!

But for that we need to focus our lives & try to implement Islam on a daily level till death. To gain that ultimate buzz we need to sacrifice our small temporal buzzes in this life.

“Only in the remembrance of Allah (swt) can the heart find peace”
Quran (Surah 13: Verse 28)

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