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After leaving Britain nearly 2 years ago and then returning for what turned out to be a very long summer I have had to spend time with a lot of Muslim & Non Muslim youth in the UK
I have had to work with all sorts of youngsters from all sorts of backgrounds. Those that are familiar with London are aware of the cultural melting pot that is London & UK in general . We have nearly all races & ethnicities represented here but there are about 6/7 larger groups that are present here. We have Indian Pakistani Bengali. Then from Africa we have Nigerian , Somali leading the numbers . Then we have the Caribbean followed by other youngsters from other countries . My work gave me an insight into their conversations , the way they socialise , the use of social media etc.
What I have observed is startling!
Not sure where the blame lies here whether it’s the upbringing or how British society has been formulating last few decades but there are so many ‘human flaws’ that are readily visible . Apart from the laziness and lack of responsibility and other negative attributes they possess, the biggest factor you can clearly observe is how extremely Vain the girls and the guys are!
They are near enough always talking about and wearing designer clothes. The clothing has to be fitted. The guys will constantly be obsessed with building muscles and the girls will always find ways to expose their body parts. This obsession to always look good, to look hot. This ridiculous obsession to try and look like the celebrities seen on TV has entered the minds and hearts of almost the vast majority of the British youth without them realising . I would argue they have become enslaved to this way of thinking. If there existed a bids eye camera that would swoop over all these groupings of the youth then you would see how they are blindly following their particular gangs with no sense of thinking of their own. Or An analogy could be equated to herds of sheep just following each other !It’s like a daily struggle to look better than yesterday. It’s a constant battle for them to impress ‘the others’ . To always get noticed! To get compliments! To get maximum likes for the latest photo they have put up of themselves posing on Facebook . To increase their followers on Instagram and or twitter. It’s getting worse on a daily level.
This has spread to the whole world ! Even in Pakistan. It’s near enough always about good looks! But people need to rise above this shallow thinking.
Saying someone is ugly is insulting to God!
Indeed beauty is in the eyes of the beholder !
So if this very short article is shared to the teenagers of the world then I am imploring them to look beyond mere human bodily parts and make up . Lets judge people by their integrity and sincerity . Lets praise and big up those that have been given wisdom and worship the creator of mankind enthusiastically. Let’s change the narrative of the way we look at people!

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