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Winds of change 2019

Day 1.

The launch

So, after all the hype, the wait, the eagerness, WOC2019 made its much awaited launch today, Alhumdulilah.

Today’s plan was to ride ( and drive) to Bhurban, where Br Zia as CEO of YC gave a talk entitled “Arise & warn” to set the scene for this year’s Winds of Change tour.

It was a pleasant crisp drive towards the hillocks and hills of Muree. The temperature was ‘just right’ and the brotherhood game was strong.

For me the main highlights were an interesting discussion with a Chinese atheist. One of the brothers brought him along. Although his English wasn’t up to speed, we discussed themes such as if a creator exists or not? Should we just enjoy and live life to the max. Interestingly when we all got up to pray Salaah, I asked him if he wants to join in, and Subhana’Allah he did. So perhaps, if Allah SWT wills, him the discussion combined with his forehead bowing down with the Muslims, may trigger his fitrah? May Allah SWT guide Jason.

The last point for today’s blog is about Jannah.

in Jannah the lowest possible level is ten times the entire earth including the areas covered with oceans. Ten times the earth and everything in it!!!!

That’s amazing if you think about what the world has and huge it is. The sheer size is mind boggling!

So all in all, today was about brotherhood, productive discussions on da’wah, scenic views for praise and more. Here are some of the clicks from today:

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