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WOC 2019 day 5. Seven events in one day!

Day 5. Karachi.

Winds of change 2019

Today I accompanied Br Mugheerah to the IBA. We had a nice little team with us consisting of Bros Saud & Talha, both connected to YCK.

It’s always nice to work in a small team than a solo mission. Our first adventure within the IBA corridors and building was to promote the event. The event was entitled

‘ Who is the man of the house?’.

So I approached the students on campus and after stopping them using light humour, simply asked if they have a spare hour from their time. If they did then they should come and become inspired! The young YCK Bros saw this approach and began to emulate it. Alhumdulilah As always i was in ‘training’ mode and I wanted the Bros to do this. It’s not difficult, it needs a little push and confidence and away you go! As an example, whilst approaching students on campus non chalantly, I saw a guy with a cool straw hat. I called out to him and said, that he needs to come to this lecture because I wanted someone with a hat to come! And I really love your hat! This made the Bros around me laugh and inspired them that you can use this technique and others when promoting an event. What’s really cool is that the guy with the hat actually did come to the talk and sat through the whole thing! Alhumdulillah.

I really wish to see the practising brothers at Institutes in Karachi and other cities to start doing actions like these. In pairs, walk up to groups of students and with warmth, compassion and wisdom, engage in a deep conversation about life.

At the lecture itself Br Mugheerah spoke in a lively manner with plenty of regular interaction with the students. The highlight being narrating the epic story of Farukh & Suhayla.

After IBA Whilst having lunch with the brothers it came to pass that one of the YCK volunteers, a young brother,does something so beautiful. What he does is if someone cannot afford to buy a ticket to an Islamic event then this bro buys the ticket for him! Subhan’Allah. He’s been doing this for a long time bless him. I found this inspiring Masha’Allah.

Whilst Br Zia gave a lively presentation on his flagship workshop ‘Lost’ in the huge garden of a private residence, I was taken to another private residence to speak to a group of teenagers. We had a discussion around the purpose of life and a few questions that they posed.

Effects of sins was the third event by Br Mugheerah at yet another residence.

It was an extremely busy day for WOC Karachi which saw 7 events in one day Masha’Allah.

Let’s see what WOC day 6 brings us…


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