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WOC2019 Day 6. A rare quite day…

WOC 2019 day 6.

A rare quite day


Day 6 was relatively quite compared to the previous day’s activities but an event took place at the little heaven school for families. The topic was parenting with Mugheerah, Ishaq and Br Zia As the speakers for the day.

For me there were a couple of positive highlights from today.

The first were that Masha’Allah a bunch of really small kids sat attentively throughout the whole 2 lectures conducted. They were perhaps aged around 7/8. But considering the hot conditions and noise, they seemingly were taking in everything Insha’Allah, a good sign for the future.

The other positive aspect from this event was that I saw a young brother aged around 18/19 who was surprisingly wearing a an ear stud. So I just had this urge to approach him, which I did randomly. For those of you that always ask, how do I approach, what should I say? Etc then you can use what I did which was “ Assalaam alaykum “ , walked up to him, shook his hand & ask him what he thought about the event as my lead in / initiation or starting point. After that it was the usual intros. He may well be wondering, why are you talking to just me or he may even had a thought that this bearded guy has seen my ear stud and will talk to me about it!

In any case, I will not think about his thoughts!

After some intros, it turned out he studied at IBA. So after giving my intro We had a light discussion about the purpose of life, how all of us are disconnected from our creator and so on. After all this, the rapport, general life discussion only then I said are we not brothers and close friends now? We can advise each other now right?! He agreed, then I asked why he was wearing the ear stud. He answered that he knew I was going to ask that! So after some smiles and laughter he said because his friends also have it and it look s cool. I said I appreciate the fact that naturally you follow your friends etc. But is that worth risking punishment or reward from your Lord? So he agreed that it’s incorrect and will research about Allah SWT and what he wants from us and so on. He didn’t argue and seemed genuine. So may Allah SWT guide him and us!

When you want to seek reward and interaction, Allah SWT will provide opportunities for you. I did nothing for this event personally, I wasn’t the moderator or speaker or camera person.. nothing! But I couldn’t leave that event without advising a brother who was openly displaying something contrary to Islam!

I want other brothers and sisters to begin doing the same. Revive the act of advising someone. Approach them without fear or awkwardness.

Advise with wisdom, compassion and reason!


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