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An explosion of emotions

I just don’t know where to start to describe my 24 days of amazing da’wah work with YC! I feel like breaking all basic English grammar rules and just be over random than usual!

I mean.. the honour I received, the various situations I was put in, the emotions of being back at the table engaging with people and calling people to Allah swt, being the first at providing this sort and style  of da’wah training in Pakistan, the chance to speak consistently at many different places and audiences and enjoying the immense love and brotherhood all just crashed together within me and tears did roll out now and again! But after composing myself here is a brief summary of events that took place on March-April 2019!




My original love. For me the most beautiful city in the world. It’s climate, it’s landscape, it’s vibe is inspiring. Full of scholars, full of students of knowledge. The birthplace of YC and a freshness in the dawah. The city which gave us Br Raja Zia Ul haq, an outstanding Daee Masha’Allah, hard working and a genius Alhumabarik.

So this time around Allah swt bestowed upon me the honour of conducting 3 da’wah training sessions in Islamabad. This was a fusion of the more intellectual style content for Non Muslims combined with my own observations and tips that have worked and the YC style of doing things. This was the first roll out of this and so far solid feedback. But it’s still a work in progress.

I delivered da’wah training workshops to YC Sisters. The Brothers YC street da’wah team and to members of the spreading Islam network.

Other than the da’wah training workshops, I got to speak at the Islamabad Club & at 2 private residences. One of which has a majority crowd of non Practising guys. This was a very key weekly  halaqah where all types of questions are entertained. This is essentially the sort of crowd YC should always engage with and keep in touch with.



Dow University was a revelation. In the sense there is a sizeable Non Muslim population studying here! For me that is goldmine! but as expected theres a reluctance to engage. Some valid reasons and some not so valid. I did press upon some of the faculty and students that at least convey the call warmly & compassionately. Don’t worry about any shahadahs or people coming to Islâm, that’s in the realm of the divine. Let’s see if any faculty and students engage in any meaningful da’wah conversations with their fellow students in the coming months and years..

I had the opportunity to deliver dawah training (twice) and a couple of small reminders whilst at Karachi.

But the Karachi University experience is the one that made me think on so many levels! Firstly the emotions of returning back to campus dawah , Pakistan style! This is the setting which has given me so much joy, learning and ideas. We had 3 other members of the YCK team present at the table. Each of them had different reasons to come eg one cane as our mode of transport, one had a query and so on. What dawned upon me is there was a reluctance for this style of dawah! there were nerves, hesitancy. So although these brothers may have thought that they could just help set up the table and do other bits of ‘admin’ i had other plans for them! So at one point i had to literally push them into engaging in a conversation with one of the students. A sister had a question on science and so i asked another brother to engage and yet the third brother who was watching, i encouraged him to hand out flyers and then just merely have a chat!

This whole situation seemed surreal in so many ways. I had all sorts of questions in my mind such as ‘surely you’re a part of an Islamic organisation because you want to engage in dawah conversations?! call to Allah swt, especially those that avoid events! Perhaps i am a bit too passionate about this stye of dawah, but the nervousness and reluctance was surprising. The ayah:

…..But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not…

Quran 2:216

comes to mind..

Anyhow it was a good session for a couple of hours or so. There are a couple of Vlogs you could watch that cover this on the Dawah motivation , Youth Club PK and Ali e. Youtube Channels.



After this, the next day we headed to IBA. Compared to KU the student population visibly had a much more liberal vibe. It was fun to engage in light da’wah and promoting the Lecture by Muggerahb luqman.



5/6 events all in one day and all of them done by Br Zia! We had more of a supporting role in Fsbd and in the evening we had a chance to give ideas for the new team there. A worthy mention again for Br Ali of Langley Green, Crawley who kindly booked us into the lovely Chenab Club.



This was my first trip ever to Multan. I must say I am quite impressed with the vibe of the city. People seemed very nice and there’s a lot of development taking place. Cafes and Malls are popping up. The talk by Jawad Ahad was amazing. Very Powerful. I conducted a da’wah training session with the up and coming new team. Some of the sisters have been joining me on our online training for a year so it was nice to see them become active. Br Usama was very hospitable Masha’Allah and am happy to meet another fellow street Daee with so much passion! Jzk for Br Noman and Abdusalaam for making this trip too.


The da’wah training session at Riphah was an exhilarating session for me. I felt so proud that members from my Dawah Motivation training made the effort Alhumdulillah. There were role plays during the training & actual indoor campus da’wah ( a first I believe). I truly hope that sisters continue activities like this In the long term.

Other than Riphah, there was a session at a private office, another learning curve for me. We as a team went to PU, UOL, UMT & other Institutes.

Some reflections.

This may come across as arrogant but that’s not my intention. But it seems as if I am the only overtly passionate person about da’wah training & campus da’wah outside Islamabad. I need other brothers and sisters to realise that campus da’wah is fun, builds your own character, you gain so many skills & is the best form of da’wah to interact with non practising students! You will meet all sorts of people  this type of set up! Yet there’s a reluctance to always try and organise this style and form of da’wah. Perhaps it’s a lack of confidence, or lack of Ilm or lack of interest. Well anyway I will keep pushing for this form of da’wah worldwide Insha’Allah because i believe it is highly effective & fruitful! It is also a forgotten Sunnah!

My last reflection is I am truly humbled and felt really moved by the love & respect I gained from everyone. We work for the sake of Allah swt, we busy ourselves for his sake and we forget that Allah puts a certain love & respect in the eyes of the people. Many times the respect and praise were way too much! And the thought of “ if only they knew the state of my heart, and how weak I am etc” kept with me throughout the tour. Yet at the same I really appreciate the love that all participants showed towards us through the whole of WOC 2019.

It now remains to be seen that all that flying, driving, sweating, Speaking, lecturing, counselling consistently for weeks on end by the whole of the YC team gets accepted by the Lord Of the worlds. That’s the key worry and hope. If it is accepted in the court of Allah swt then truly we have been blessed otherwise it may be our downfall! May Allah swt save us from that through his infinite mercy.

Everyone that helped put this magnificent tour together was wonderful and deserves Duas and praise. There are so many people behind the scenes that worked hard Masha’Allah.

Until the next mega tour and WOC..



Here are more random clicks from all over Pakistan! If you’d like to know the context of these pics, ask in comments!

Ciao! Ma’Salaam!

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  1. Subhan’Allah !
    May ALLAH SWT accept all these efforts in sha Allah and grant us tofeeq to do the same
    i would love to engage in all kinds of dawah wether it is campus dawah or any other way may Allah give me more and more knowledge, confidence and keep me steadfast.
    Duas for you and all your team,the way you and youthclub is working for islam is remarkable may Allah swt accept !

  2. Ma sha Allah i felt so happy after reading this. Your blogs always inspire me to another level 🙂 After reading or listening something about the dawah i really feel more motivated. May Allah accept these beautiful efforts.

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