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Casual chats with your Creator

Many people are under the impression…

That to talk to your creator,you need to do a special prayer or only at certain times.

There is a misconception amongst humans that we can only talk to God, consult with him only when we are feeling pure. In a state of ritual purity, after a wash or at a certain time eg the night prayer.


This is not the case at all. We can talk to our creator whenever & wherever!


Truly, you can consult with him whenever you feel like.

Whilst shopping.

Whilst taking a walk in the park.

On your way to work, on the train, the taxi or bus.

At school during lunch.

At work during your lunch breaks.

Whilst cooking in the kitchen..

And anywhere else!

Make it a habit. A regular habit to talk to him, consult with him, discuss with him, complain to him, open your heart out to him.

Don’t worry about people looking at you strange or thinking strange about you,” why is this person talking to themselves?”, ignore that!

This is far more important and rewarding!

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