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“Chronicles of D’awah” # 3 (Faisalabad- University Adventures)

Sometimes your passion for something makes you to do adventurous stuff, so as a crazy and passionate girl for d’awah, I did the same this time 😋

First stall at a university!!
Dawah to typical students of universities of Faisalabad, Pakistan!

A place where students can’t do anything prominently and without permissions. Doing so equals to calling a big danger to yourself. In such circumstances, as an undergraduate student, I tried to have a d’awah stall ‘obviously’ with permission of authorities.
I had a will power to do this. It required bit of a courage to confront the authorities, but I took it as a dare and went to them anyway. I was so terrified, but because it was about d’awah, I had to do this. I told them the whole plan of d’awah. After listening about a proper stall and that I wanted to represent an organization, they clearly didn’t allow me. But I was sure that this isn’t the end of my journey.

Yes I was hopeless for a moment and asked myself, “what should I do now?” But then, I started some research by visiting the university from the main entrance, observing everything and everybody quietly. I was trying to find a place from where the authorities and professors didn’t use to pass. I was done observing many departments. I had No ideas! No proper location!

Image result for what should i do
But at last!! There was this one department which was my last hope…
“The Department of Fine Arts”
There is a ramp in that department where students can display there stalls e.g. a brunch or breakfast stall etc. I was confused…I went near the stall, and analyzed the size of table and it’s location, and of course the surroundings. An idea clicked in my mind,

“What if this stall is replaced by my stall for tomorrow??”

It was like a bell rang in my head, I went ahead to talk to the stall incharge and I told her the whole story. She was nervous but I convinced her so she allowed me to replace one stall. It felt like a wave of happiness and joy passed by me, my hard work payed off ♡ but at the same time I was skeptical as the stall that was given to me was right besides the door of the staff room but I was still excited and I knew it was too late to reject the help of the person in charge of the stall. Hence I decided to execute the plan!

So my stall included:
💥 Printing of three flyers
Love Struck
Morning Evening Azkar

💥Some edibles like


These were presented to the audience as gift and there were also Hijab pins special gift , we wore tiaras 😜 to looks little bit different ,even two girls came to me at first and ask me to have bunch of chocolates by paying me, they was stunned when I said,
“Go ahead! You can have them free of cost but not all of them, only few of them”
So one girl said, “Actually it’s attractive when you are given something free of cost to eat.”

Finally many girls were attracted and asked us that what’s special about the stall, then we discussed about, tawheed, love, modernity of the deen, morning evening azkar and there effects in life. A lot of girls, Alhumdulilah, exchanged contact numbers with us and even got back to us via texting later on.

I shared my own experience and changes that I noticed in my self after being practicing, Alhumdulilah they were inspired. Many girls were so happy and showed a very good response. They wanted to stay in contact with us

May Allah swt accept this and give us will power to do this again and again.
Ameen Ya Rabb! ❤


– Team Dawah Motivation

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  1. It’s best feeling ever to do something for the sake of Allah &I am very happy because this beautifull task is done by my friend .May Allah give her more motivation to do this beautifull work.

  2. Good initiative…💓💕💓
    May Allah give strength to young generation in spreading Islam💕💓💕

  3. Ma Shaa Allah, very well-done, May Allah accept it and make everything easy for you and put barakh in your work amen,

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