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Hindus at a Pakistani University. WOC 2019

#WOC2019 DAY 3.

Spiritual cardiology. DOW University. Karachi

DOW University & Private youth session.

This is phenomenal! The fact that we have our speaker discussing matters of the heart and in the audience you have Hindus/ non Muslims, and they are nodding in approval at the content!

Further proof that in the dawah, we need to add the spiritual tradition in our call. Not just the intellectual side of Islam. Further proof how YC gets the honour of being involved in this..

An exemplary art of subtle da’wah is when Br Zia asked a question to this audience:

If I don’t believe there is a higher power and I believe there is no concept of life after death then..why should I follow any morals / ethics? What’s stopping me from crimes? I don’t need to help others.. and so on?!!

The answer is nothing! And the repercussions of that point of view in life are extremely dangerous & destructive

The next event was held at a private residence at the other side of Karachi. Here the room was full of young teenagers. After the President of the YCK Ishaq Ibn Sadiq’s talk on the purpose of life,Br Zia spoke about his life story of change. He spoke about how he went from a life of full enjoyment & rebelliousness and being completely away from Allah SWT to a life of submission and bliss as a practising Muslim. The youth aged around 10-16, listened in earnest. A healthy dose of Q&A followed thereafter including some intense one to one counselling.

Late night street counselling with teenagers. Karachi

Our first day in Karachi as expected was full of inspirational da’wah. Alhumdulilah..

Bring on day 5! which includes sessions at Karachi University, CAMS and a couple of private home sessions including a dawah Training workshop.

Duas please!

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