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A lot of the blogs here have discussed initiation tips. In other words, how to start a random dawah conversation. With either someone you know or not. If they are not interested or not! You could also term this as a lead in or the starting point.

These posters, with more to come Insha’Allah, gives the reader some tips. If you’d like to understand these tips deeply then leave a comment! Get in touch or like the DM Facebook page for dawah tips and ideas…

This poster is giving some brief points about starting an effective/ profound chat with a non practising Muslim:

This poster gives you top 10 tips on initiating a chat with a Non Muslim or anyone that needs dawah.

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  1. Yeah some tips I’ve already been implementing, are helpful
    But talking about universe takes the whole story towards sciene and cosmos etc. I don’t know how to take it towards tauheed. I don’t understand actually. Because some atheistic beliefs waly log depend on this cosmological science.

    1. Really helpful
      JazakAllah khair for these..
      We always want to directly stop and rant on the haram which is not the right approach
      Winning and inspiring hearts is important 👌

  2. That is right! you have to be familiar with the person you speak with first try to open his or her heart. After that start your advice.

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