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Multan early Autumn meet up!

The sisters from Multan have been getting motivation and tips from DM. This small team has been very active and this is their latest activity Masha’Allah. Read what one active senior member has to say about this:

Assalam u Alaikum!

Today we had our second meet-up session where we heard the second half of the lecture, ‘Blind Faith’ and did a discussion thereafter. After discussion, we did an activity where we had prepared some questions on chits which were both funny and serious and asked our audience to choose a chit and then select someone of their choice from the participants to ask the question. People really enjoyed this activity and everyone instantly got comfortable after this activity. We still kept discussing different things and topics even after the activity.

For us, it was amongst one of the best experiences since we were able to have a proper conversation with everyone today.

In sha Allah we will be arranging such a session once every month from now on where people can learn and have fun together.

Link to the lecture mentioned ( Urdu/ English)

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