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The old burnt out question regarding ” if there us a God , why is there so much suffering / evil/ diseases/ wars in the world can only be full understood if the arguments for the rational proof of a creator combined with the irrefutable miracle of the final revelation .. Are exhausted.
We have limited minds and can never understand the unlimited ‘ways ‘ of God, why does he do that? Why has he. Created such and such etc. Our minds will never comprehend the complex wisdom behind such things!
We use our intellect / ration to come to the conclusion that there definitely without a doubt is a creator. After this we have to naturally ask, has this all powerful creator communicated with his creation? The answer is the miraculous and irrefutable Quran. Ration demands us that we submit to everything that the creator has informed us.
.We submit to his understanding and WISDOM of why he has placed such trials , severe trials upon people including starvation, depression , abuse, killing etc etc .
We understand from the communications & directives from the creator that he has placed ease on ppl of this life but severe punishment in the next one. On the flip side, those that are undergoing trials in this life are tested and will of a surety be rewarded in the next .
Belief in a creator leads to Miracle of the Quran leads to ‘ hear and obey’ culture
Belief in reward and punishment and infinite justice puts things into

Dinosaurs. Irrelevant to our life. Again why question the infinite wisdom of God . Can get answers to these questions aswell as ‘ do aliens exist ‘ , what will the year 4025 be like? Etc after death when we meet our Lord!

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