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Well, this was the name chosen as i believed more than anything in this world, motivation for active dawah is severely lacking. So i chose dawah motivation because this has always been my main focus and passion.
There are many dawah organisations in the world, many dawah blogs, dawah YouTube channels, duaat, social media profiles and pages, Alhumdulillah. So rather than adding to a big list, myself and the small budding team that i work with online are offering a ‘freshness’ and hopefully ‘original’ content towards the world of dawah.
Using the Quran and the sunnah and under the guidance of the authentic scholars is something which i hold on to. So all this content is something i have merely built upon and made more relevant for the 21st Century world
Here are some FAQs that are unique to what my ‘philosophy ‘ for dawah is. In this list are my passions, my experiences, what ive learnt, what ive been good at , my skills obtained over the years all combined into one. 
  • Motivation and head hunting. I am very passionate about keeping an eye out for a talented caller to Islam. Of course any slave of Allah can become a caller to Allah but i like to look for someone with certain qualities. So most of the blogs, videos, statuses and posts will be revolved around making people curious and become motivated for dawah and then approaching these  brothers and sisters online. Ideally i am always on the look out for someone very enthusiastic, lively, confident, has time, good at networking. But these are ideals! So if you need motivation and inspiration for dawah, get in touch!
  • Dawah networking. For many years, i have successfully connected people, way before the internet was around and social media,Alhumdulillah. Ive always had a knack to connect people to an islamic organisation or a student to a scholar. So when networking was taken to another level via the internet inc WhatsApp/ FB etc, i upgraded my networking skills and for this reason, by the fadhl of Allah swt i have ‘opened’ many areas of dawah including cities and towns, May Allah swt accept. So effective networking is something that we will teach
  • Learning from the best iERA and Youth Club PK are two of the main dawah organisations which i will promote heavily. I believe they are sincere and very effective. iERA when it comes to dawah to non muslims and all things intellectual. YC for dawah to the youth and non practising folks and all things spiritual!
  • Dawah to the youth Something i have always been involved in since mid 90s. Observing great duaat operate,  learning from them and then developing my own ideas. This is something team DM is heavily focussed on. There are hardly any dawah stalls, or dawah training or even activities whose sole focus is to inspire change within those Muslim gangsters or those Muslims not praying or even those involved in with forbidden addictions. We have made training material called ‘ effective dawah tips for the non practising youth’.
  • Dawah to Non Muslims because of my attachment to iERA and having the privilege of being around great duaat like Hamza Tzortzis, sheikh green and others, i am always learning new content and style. I have attended several specialist courses and can comfortably deliver dawah training ,so after conducting many online dawah training sessions i have now moved onto public speaking and dawah training on campuses. Mainly teaching the GORAP method.
  • Effective tips: At the core of my dawah projects, i am always emphasising effectiveness. Rather than just doing it or getting it over and done with make sure whatever dawah project you are involved in, is done with excellence and results driven. So if you are going to speak at an event, how can you ensure that what you teach, will actually be implemented?! Rather than just doing the talk and ‘hoping for the best!
  • ’ tips
  • Creativity: This is something which i am always looking for. I don’t like to do the typical run of the mill style of doing things. Eg if we are going to serve food at an event, then rather than the typical rice and chicken dish, let’s try Mexican snacks or Fiji’an desserts! If designing a leaflet then dawah flyers have to high quality, well analysed and be super creative in design!creativity
  •  Thinking outside the box: Always bring a fresh idea to the dawah. A new title, a new style of doing dawah, how to persuade or influence someone by thinking about new ideas and so on
  • thinkbox
  • Confidence: At the heart of everything i do, i am always trying to instil being fearless and confident. Not just in dawah but generally in life. Whether it comes to approaching someone randomly or starting a conversation or public speaking, i always try to inspire super confidence in people.
  • Online: I am very active online and have dedicated my social media profiles for the sake of dawah. Online is a very good way of recruiting talent for dawah, good for connecting people, having a large reach etc.
  • Street dawah: My favourite tool for dawah is street dawah. From my fundraising days i have developed skills which help in not just stopping people on the streets but how to start a conversation effectively. Initiation is something i teach to many teams and individuals.
  • Dawah stalls: Something which i am always encouraging. You could put up a dawah stall, or an advice stall or networking stall literally anywhere. It’s a great way and a great platform to engage with the public. dawahstall
  • Practical tips: I get enquiries on a whole range of different cases. For example, someone doesn’t know how to give dawah to an uncle. Or someone would ask what sort of event can they do at their institute. So i always think about these cases and provide actual ideas that they could implement.tips
  • Sisters: There is a huge need for sisters to be involved in active dawah. We need female duaat and female dawah trainers. Something which i am always encouraging and calling for. sistersdawah
If this blog has got you excited and you’d like to learn more about Dawah Motivation and its style then you can visit :
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  1. May Allah (swt) reward you for all the amazing things you are doing and the time you commit to doing dawah. Jazakallahu khairan, may Allah (swt) guide us all to the straightest path 🙏🏻

    1. Asalamu alaikum.
      I have read the passage and ma sha Allah really interesting. We really need to spread Islam the points stressed out in the page are really inspiring.

      1. The article inspired me a lot. These r the basics of communicating effectively. N we must think if spreading Islam in a convincing manner

  2. This blog is literally so genuine! Plus it made it very clear why and how dawah is so important.
    Also it gave me an insight about what the whole concept and motive of dawah motivation is! It’s a perfect intro to dawah and the channel itself.

  3. JazakALLAH for this beautiful motivation that how to prepare for Dawah. I want to get in touch with your training sessions. I am currently living in Turkey so it’ll be so beneficial for me as well as the people around this country. I am practicing for Deen but not perfectly good in Deen. Need prayers and motivation always. JazakALLAH u kharian.

  4. Feeling spiritually happy to see this kind of beneficial hard work . I wanna get intouch with your sessions to be better in Dawah . May Allah ﷻ elevate your team in this world & in Aakhirah . آمین

  5. Subhan Allah. Ma sha Allah. Such a great initiative. May Allah swt make this easy for all of us. And accept your and our efforts too.

    Jzk khayr

  6. Masha Allah
    I appreciate your efforts.
    Dawah motivation is really a need of this glob and especially the youth.

  7. Indeed, giving Dawah is a skill….I m more than happy to learn from u…u r doing a great job brother..May Allah bless u

  8. It was indeed very remarkable and inspiring to read may Allah reward you.The thing which we learn from this is dawah not only teaches people to get connected with Allah and preach to people about islam but also helps to improve your personal life and other related areas.

  9. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
    Jazakumullahu khairan kaseer
    The hints and tips for dāwah given here are easy to practice and motivating…
    I’ll definitely gonna try these in my day to day life. In shaa Allah

  10. This blog is really helpful for the initiators. It has really effevtive tips like i always used to thought that social media is a garbage but by joining DM or seeing you and all the duaats involving in Dawah and making use of internet and networking in such a benefecial way, it changed my perspective and also encouraged me to do dawah and make use of my networking skills more.
    JazakAllah for motivating us.

  11. MashaAllah a really great initiative with equal amount of effort. I really love the Idea of growing Female dais.
    This is something our community really lack.
    I am also profound with your concern for youth but this question always trouble me and i would like to keep it on note. Why do parents complaint about teenagers when they never pay effort on watering their roots?
    The crucial age of child when their brain is developing rapidly is often neglected yet they expect a Pious adult.
    Why do people dont teach tawheed from the weaning period? Why does our community doesnt acknowledge it?

  12. Assalamu Alaikum wrwb
    Firstly, thanku so much for these wonderful ideas
    I never thought that is tarah se bhi hmlog dawah de sakte hai😄
    The content is very much helpful
    But , as I’m a beginner , I don’t know much about how to give dawah ☹️
    I need some more tips, helps so that i gain enough knowledge to start it,
    And In Shaa Allah I will try me best to made it effective as much as i can

  13. Our youth need this. We have to focus on what Allah SWT said and the purpose of life . And a responsibility of every muslim to spread the right knowledge of Islam. DAWAH MOTIVATION is going to teach us all how to call our brothers and sisters to be a practicing
    and good muslim….. inshallah

    1. Yes, Jzk youth need it but more importantly, dawah organisations, online platfroms eg instagram accounts need to do this..

  14. Ma sha Allah this blog is very interesting.. I nvr thought that dawah could could be given in this unique way.. Am new in this field nd i have to learn so much more about effective dawah..

  15. Masha Allah I am very inspired to Read This Blogs ,I am learn with this how to being A better version your Self fearless And Confident, Dawah is giving Opportunity How to use your best skills in Dawah ,and how to give A dawah in something different Way and how to give a Dawah Randomly Jazak Allahu khairaann.

  16. Jazakillahu khier Brother
    Informative tips & Unique ideas Ma shaa Allah
    Specially dawah stalls.
    In shaa Allah will keep in mind

  17. Jazakillahu khier
    Informative tips & Unique ideas Ma shaa Allah
    Specially dawah stalls.
    In shaa Allah will keep in mind

  18. Jizakillah Kaseeran for this Fruitful blog..
    Learnt a lot and the major thing i get to know and i realize that i should use social media in order to benefit others and in order to get Closer to ALLAH SWT as everything has an positive and negative side as well we should use social media for positive purpose in SHA ALLAH..
    May ALLAH accept it from you and all of us

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