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Street Dawah Superstars! – Ft. DM Lahore

Few days ago, our Lahore team went for dawah at the emporium mall. It was a really good experience for us all!

The Game Plan:

Initially, we decided how we are going to begin while sitting in a cafe. We planned to ask people about the increasing suicide cases and what are their views on the recent motorway incident debate. We had some flyers.

Initiation + Conversations:

We divided the group into pairs;

  1. Pair 1: I and a friend of mine went to two sisters who were waiting for their food, we approached them. We discussed how women have such a big responsibility of raising good children and women who don’t pay attention to their children need to reset their priorities. Further, we talked about how we have abandoned our Deen that leads to such bad incidents in our society.
  2. Pair 2: They went to two separate groups of sisters and discussed the flyer ‘Love Struck’ by Youth Club to which they agreed that one should not have such relationships or if they have then they should involve their parents immediately. They were college students, I told them that how I see people falling in such things and spoiling themselves and tell them to keep advising each other or if notice someone else in such circumstances, advise them too.
  3. Pair 3 went to a girl, who looked quite modern. They asked her what does she do? She told them that she is an LLB student, they gave her Du’as and she responded very well. They asked her of her views regarding the increasing suicide cases, she told me that when our expectations don’t fulfil we become suicidal. They told her that we are not living according to our purpose and asked for her views, she replied that she knows many people sinning while wearing an Abaya, to which, they agreed. They had a good long conversation with her and she asked for their contact number.
  4. Pair 3 also had a conversation with a doctor and a salesgirl, the sales girl told us that she is very honest and tell people the right thing, one of us picked up her point and appreciated her for it. We took the conversation to suicide cases and asked for her views to which she said that she also feels suicidal at times as her job is really tough, it was a good conversation with her as well and they exchanged contacts at the end.

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